Is There A Good Or Bad Spirits Around You Now?


            How would you know if a spirit is good or bad? Figuring out whether a spirit is bad or good isn’t something that is clearly stated in any book or by any religious figure. An encounter with a good or bad spirit can invoke all sorts of feelings and emotions in an individual. Some experiences may make someone feel extremely bad and may make an individual want to avoid or hide away from anything that focuses on spiritual or religious practices.

Other spiritual encounters may be beautiful, enlightening and life altering where an individual becomes curious to know more, leading them to seek out other ways to keep connecting with a good spirit. Here are some common differences between good and bad spirits and what the experience may look or feel like.

The Air That Surrounds You Changes

Generally, when the air is cooler than normal or when you find cold patches of air in specific areas of a house or room, this is considered to be the work of a bad spirit. You may have read various chilling and eerie tales where the air goes stale and cold, or that people notice an obvious sense of evil within a specific room. When it is a good spirit, the air sensation may offer a sense of comfort and calming and may be refreshing or warmer than usual offering an individual a sense of peace.

There Are Either Negative or Positive Signs Within Your Surroundings

Good spirits are not going to intentionally scare you. That is not their purpose by any means. They will offer feelings of peace, tranquility and comfort. The signs of a good spirit are commonly noted as the flickering of bright lights, warm patches of air within a room, a comforting touch you cannot see and the sounds of soft music in the distance.

Bad spirits want to make themselves known and for the wrong reasons. They want to bring negativity to a place or a person by scaring them. They may blow out candles, drop pictures, break mirrors and create a spooky ambiance in one’s home. They are not there to do any good for you, so it’s best not to encourage them to stick around. They are a spirit that is either stuck and cannot move on to the spiritual realm that they wish, or they linger around to haunt and get revenge on a person, place or thing.

If you experience any of these noticeable events, then you might want to consider consulting with a spiritual advisor who can guide you through it all. A trusted and professional spiritual advisor will be able to distinguish whether you are dealing with a good or evil spirit and will direct you on a path that will provide further understanding. They will offer you some clarity to the question, “why is this spirit here and why me?”, as well as the ever so popular question, “what do they want?”

It is wise to follow up on these occurrences as they can become worrisome, or bother you over time. If they begin to keep you up at night, or if you are dealing with daily fear or anxiety, talk to a friendly spiritual advisor for some guidance and support.