Is Your Psychic or Medium Genuine?

Is Your Psychic or Medium Genuine

Is Your Psychic or Medium GenuineIt’s sad that many so-called mediums and psychics are fake. So how can you find out if the one you’re seeing is genuine?

Here’s a short list of five tips to help you answer that question:

  1. Genuine psychics don’t ask a lot of questions.

A genuine medium or psychic won’t ask you general questions like, “How many kids do you have?” “Are you single or married?” or “Do you have a job?” If they’re genuine, they’ll already know those things.

However, it’s quite okay if they ask like this: “I can see that you’re in a committed relationship. What is your significant other’s name?” All they’ve done is confirm the correct information that’s around you.

Also, it’s okay for a genuine medium or psychic to ask you why you’re there to see them. Telling the psychic something like, “I’d like you to tell me about my employment situation” does not tell the psychic if you’re working or not, if you’re satisfied in your current situation or not, whether you’re thinking about starting your own business, and so on. A genuine medium or psychic will naturally pick up that type of information, and will not need to ask.

  1. A genuine medium or psychic will never tell you frightening things, like the exact time you’re going to die, or the terrible thing that’s going to occur in the life of somebody you know.

Is Your Psychic or Medium Genuine?Fake mediums and psychics often use scare tactics to help make themselves appear important. Fake mediums and psychics say things that will leave you anxious about yourself or your family. All this does is create worry and stress. If things like this happen, don’t pay; end the session and walk away.

All this is not to say that bad things won’t and don’t happen. They will. But mediums and psychics can get it wrong. Besides, what positive result could possibly come from finding out about them beforehand? Far more negativity is generated by hearing erroneous predictions.

  1. Fake psychics and mediums attempt to generate more revenue from customers by trying to convince you that you or somebody in your family is cursed. They then tell you that they can remove that curse—but it will cost you a significant amount of money.

This is just another form of fear tactics. Besides, it’s also a huge scam. So don’t fall for it.

  1. Fake psychics and mediums can’t offer specific details about your loved ones who have passed.

Frauds will say more general things, such as, “Your grandfather is here in the room. He’s saying that he loves you,” or, “A man is with you, and is feeling pain.” You can’t get much more general than that now, can you?

Genuine psychics and mediums are able to connect directly to the spiritual realm without touching you, or without props like jewelry, photographs, or tarot cards. They should also be able to tell you specific details about your loved ones who have passed, things like what they looked like, what their interests or hobbies were, how they died and at what age, and so on.

You should know who the spirit is without sharing specific information with the psychic or medium. Also, the messages you receive should be relevant and specific to you and to your situation.

  1. Fake mediums and psychics, if they aren’t making connections, often will make up excuses for why the spirits aren’t there.

Frauds will tell you lies like, “the person’s spirit is trapped,” “the spirit is in a negative space,” “the spirit doesn’t want to connect with you,” or “the spirit must be angry with you.”

If a genuine medium or psychic cannot make a connection, they will be honest and come right out and say, “I can’t connect with anybody for you right now.”

Many factors can figure into why a psychic or medium can’t make a connection with the spiritual realm. It may not be the proper environment, or the psychic may not be the correct one for the spirit person’s energy to connect with.

Basically, the decisions regarding which spirits can come through and when are rooted in the spiritual realm. And genuine mediums and psychics never make up excuses if they can’t make a connection. Face it, we all can have an off day. A genuine psychic or medium will tell you that the connections aren’t working without making up excuses.

The bottom line is that the purpose of psychic readings always is to move a customer forward and to help them get along in their life. Genuine mediums and psychics are able to do this because they truly care about their customers.

Most people possess some type of psychic or intuitive ability. So don’t be fooled by the fake ones. Trust your intuition: If something seems off, it probably is. So just walk away.