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Keeping alive the memory of pets passed

Most of us who are animal lovers treat our pets as family. In fact, to the most ardent pet lover, our pets aren’t merely animals, they are vital parts of our lives, and when they die, we grieve for them just as if we have lost a part of ourselves. 

But, while they are no longer able to run and greet us or jump in our laps for attention, we can still keep them close to us in our memories. Here are seven ways to nurture the memory of our dearly departed friend.

  1. Feature a favorite picture

Since your pet has been a member of your family, you probably have several fun photos of them. Select your favorite and display it in a prominent place at home or office.  The sight of your friend may give you a pang of sadness, but eventually you will smile everyone time your see your pal.

2. Obtain a unique work of art

You can memorialize your pet by commissioning an artist to draw, paint or otherwise depict them.  Share your pictures with an artist to create the perfect thing to cherish and enjoy.

3. Make a Shrine

You can create a small memorial area in honor of your lost loved on. Use a small table to put objects that remind you of your pet. These and a few pictures would be also be a good place to meditate as you bask in the memory of your good friend.

4.Create a lasting memory: a paw print.

This is not a new idea, in fact, it has become so popular that there are commercial molds available for you to make a casting of your pet’s paw print.  You can write their names and the pertinent dates so you can remember them always.

5. Keep Their Tags

This is a simple way to remember this special family member.  Keep your pet’s name tag and wear it as a charm on a necklace or bracelet, or just keep it somewhere you can see it as  way to remember this loved one.

6. Enjoy their special day

You can remember your pet by celebrating their birthday. If you don’t know what their actual birthday is, celebrate their favorite season or time of day.  Share their favorite treat with another pet to help you realize that you can give your love to other animals

7. Make a donation in their name.

You can make a real change and remember your pet at the same time.  You can make a donation to the humane society  or through an organization like the World Wildlife Fund. Many large pet stores collect funds to help feed shelter animals. A donation in your pets name will make a real difference and provide a lasting memorial.

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