Knowing the Types of Mediums


A medium is a psychic that is able to use their extrasensory senses in order to speak to those that have died. They are able to reach into the spiritual world and allow the spirit world to reach into the physical world. When they talk to the spirits, they connect with their energies and they work to bring peace and closure.

Where Did Mediumship Come from?

Mediumship is something that began in the 1800’s. It has been seen since ancient times. Even Abraham Lincoln would use mediums in order to speak to his dead children.

How to Reach Your Mediumship Gifts

A medium is able to reach into the spiritual world through different tools such as meditation. They are able to do this so that they can talk to the dead. A medium is protected by using their gifts so that dark spirits cannot bother them.

A medium will use different kinds of gifts to make sure that the dark spirits stay where they are by using things like white light visions, imagining a bubble around them and by saying positive affirmations.

If someone is faking their mediumship, they can bring pain to the person that believes them. Make sure that you find a medium that is real.

Different Psychic Gifts

There are different kinds of mediums and not all of them have the same types of gifts. Some mediums will have different gifts and a variety of them as well. They will be able to speak in the spirit world through different tools such as telepathy or even channeling.

Mediumship is when a psychic allows the spirit to come to them and sometimes they even give their body over to the spirit and this is where channeling comes from. The medium must have boundaries when doing this.

Mental Mediumship

There are different kinds of mental mediums such as:

  • Clairvoyant mediums: These are mediums that get messages through their mind. They are known to see auras.
  • Clairaudient mediums: These mediums can hear what the spirits are saying and they can hear things through voices, music and more.
  • Clairsentient mediums: These mediums are able to smell scents that have to do with the spirit that has passed on.
  • Clairgustance mediums: These mediums can taste something and this can be the dead persons favorite food or taste.

Physical Mediumship

There are mediums that work in the physical such as:

  • Levitating: These mediums are able to lift themselves into the air.
  • Automatic writing: This is when the medium picks up messages from the spirit world and they write it down.
  • Rapping: This can be done to answer yes and no questions.
  • Ectoplasmic mediums: These mediums have substances that allow the spirit to be seen.
  • Materialization mediums: These mediums do seances and this allows the people getting the reading to see the spirit.
  • Channeling: When the medium opens up their body to the spirit and the spirit enters them.

Known Mediums

There are many known mediums that are famous for what they have done such as:

  • Edgar Cayce: Was known for channeling with spirits.
  • John Edward: Wrote books on channeling and worked on television.
  • Jerry Hicks and Esther Hicks: They would team up and use the Law of Attraction to reach spirits.
  • Jane Roberts: She would channel spirits with a Ouija board and then she would learn to do this without any tools.

Where Are Mediums Seen?

Mediums have been known to be on television and they will do mediumship on real-life television. Some of these include:

  • Kim Russo known as the Happy Medium.
  • Theresa Caputo who is the Long Island Medium.
  • Allison DuBois.

Final Thoughts

Mediums have been seen in movies such as “The Sixth Sense” and other movies and television shows. When you see a medium, they can help you to talk to your dead friends or loved ones and help you to have peace and closure.