Knowing Your Angel is Here


Do you ever get the feeling that your angels are close to you? Have you found a sign such as a penny or a feather and you wonder what your angel is trying to tell you?

Angels are there to send you love and to help to heal you when you are hurting. As you live your life, you want to have joy and peace and it is up to you to find this, but you can get the help that you need from your angel guide.

The angels that are in your life are there to help you to have the wisdom that you need so that you can be safe from danger and so that you can make good decisions. They will give you a feeling of love and peace when they are present.

Angels can communicate with you by giving you different signs. The thing is though, your angels work with free will and they will only help you if you allow them to. Once you decide to reject them and to not accept them, they won’t help you anymore.

Here are some signs that your angels are close to you:

White Feathers

A feather can be a sign that your angels are near you. The feather can mean that your angels are trying to give you a sign. You might find the feather in a place that you would never expect to find it such as in your shoe or in your kitchen.

The feather can mean that you need to remember not to give up. This can mean that your angels are there to encourage you and they want you to know that they are there for you.

Pennies and Coins

Pennies and other coins that just seem to come to you from heaven will show you that your angels are there to love you. The coins can help you to understand what is going on in your life. If you find coins in places you least expect it, think about what was going on when you found it.

Does the coin have a special date on it? This can be confirmation from your angel about a question that you asked.

Light Flashing

Some people will see their lights flicker on and off. This might seem strange to you, but the truth is, this can mean that your angels are there for you. You may also see them in orbs in pictures or in circles of light when you are outside.


A rainbow can mean that your angels are there to offer you hope. They want you to know that you need to keep moving forward and not to give up. Also, the rainbow can mean that your angels want you to have patience and faith in yourself so that you can reach your goals.

Talking or Communicating

There are some people that will hear their angels talk to them or they will be given messages from someone else. These messages can also show up on a sign or a billboard. If there are things that you have been struggling with in your life, these signs can show up just to tell you that everything is going to be okay.

Maybe you have something happening in your life that you need an answer to and the signs that you get might come at just the right time. Your angels know when you need them.

Bodily Feelings

If you have goosebumps or get chills for no reason, this can be a sign that your angels are there. This can also be a feeling of warmth or a tingling in your body. The angels have strong energies and when they get close to you, you might feel a sensation on your body.

Being Touched

An angel might come and actually touch you. You might feel them touch you on your shoulder or your back or you might feel a soft brush against your arm or somewhere on your body.

Angels can touch you to communicate with you and sometimes when they get close, the temperature in the room will change. If this is happening when you are praying or meditating, know that the angels are there to listen to you.


Clouds can be signs of angels. If you look at the shapes of clouds and you see an angel shape or you see the shape of a heart, this can be a symbol that your angels are there to guide you. You can also see shapes in your tea or even in your bath soap.


Angels will sometimes show you that they are close to you by sending you certain smells. You might smell perfume, the smell of flowers or even something like food. This can happen when your angels want you to feel comfort and peace.

Television or Music

Angels can communicate with you through things that you see on television or the music that you are listening to. When you have certain issues, a song or a show might come to you that shows you that you can make it through your problems.

Ringing in the Ears

When your ears are ringing, it can be a sign that your angels are trying to show their presence to you. This can be loud or quiet and it is okay to ask the angels to stop making this happen if you feel overwhelmed.

Other Angel Signs

Here are some of the most common angel signs:

  • Repetitive numbers.
  • Phone calls.
  • Coincidences.
  • Beautiful of wonderful things around you.
  • Butterflies.
  • Robins.
  • Babies.
  • Animals.
  • Feeling like you aren’t alone.

Why Encounter Angels?

Angels can come to you when you need them most. Angels will give you messages that you need and when they do, you should always thank them. Intuition helps you to communicate with your angels so make sure that you have an open heart and an open mind when wanting to communicate with them.

Your angels will guide you and if you have respect for them, they will always be there for you. Remember that the signs that come to you are meant for you to interpret and they are there to help you know that your angels are there for you anytime you need them.