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Learn to Communicate with the Spirits

Learn to Communicate with the Spirits

Communicating to the spirits can help you to get messages from someone that has died. Maybe you are hearing from your grandma that is wanting to know more thing about you or maybe you are getting messages from your grandpa about your life.

When you lose someone that you love, you may want to communicate with them and speak into the spirit world. You can ask your angel Gabriel to help you with this. She can help you to communicate with the people that have moved to another world and can help you to figure out how to talk to the spirits.

Not everyone believes that you can talk to the spirit world but when you do believe that then you will want to understand it more and more so you can be part of it.

What are Spirits?

Spirits are ghosts or people’s souls that are still on the earth. This is someone that lets out their energies and can be there to speak to you. This is not like the scary movies and even though they might give you a weird vibe when they come into the room, these spirits are not there to hurt you but to help you.

When spirits cross to the other side, they do this while they are part of the earth and you can communicate with them. When your body dies it doesn’t mean your spirit dies and sometimes a spirit gets stuck and cannot move on.

Why Communicate with Spirits?

Maybe you want to communicate with someone that has been a part of your life or maybe you just want to get a message from the dead. Some people are fearful of the spirit world, but it is a nice place to be. You can change how your mind things and learn to focus on the vibration in the spirit world and you can connect with people such as your friends or loved ones.

You can make a connection with their energies and they can help you to heal and move forward in your life.

Energy healers will come to you and they will help you as spirit guides. They will help you to send messages and to get messages. There are many ways to connect with spirits and when you are ready to do this, you can talk to them.

How to Communicate

You can communicate with the spirit world. Everyone that wants to do this can do it and it is similar to tuning into a radio. When your vibrational frequencies are up, the spirit will slow down, and this allows you to hear them.

Never use tools such as a Ouija board or a pendulum because when you aren’t trained it can cause you problems and open you up to any kinds of spirits and these can be harmful to you.

Learn to focus on specific things you want to talk about. Figure out who you want to reach out to and focus your intention on connecting to them.

Listen to your gut feeling and pay attention to your intuition. Your spirit guides are trying to send you a message and when you get a feeling that something isn’t good for you or you should do something, pay attention to this. This can be your spirit guide helping you.

Learn to quiet your mind so that you can listen to your intuition. You can quiet your mind by going out in nature or by meditating. Take time away from your phone and other electronics and put yourself in a sacred place where the guides can speak to you.


Pay attention to what kind of dreams you have and if any messages come in your dream. When we dream, our mind is relaxed, and the spirit guides will often communicate with you at this time. Your dreams can be about someone specific or give you a specific message. Pay attention to them.


There are some meditations that include writing. This can include automatic writing and you can do this by relaxing and then writing whatever comes to your mind. Your guides can ask you a question and when this happens, relax, and write down what they tell you to write. They can talk fast so be ready.

If you have trouble connecting to the spirit world, remember this can take time. This is not fast and takes practice. Do not get frustrated if you cannot connect to them right away. Learn to practice and listen.

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