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Mediums and Psychics: What to Expect

Mediums and Psychics: What to Expect

In the 19th century, mediumship gained popularity, though it had been in existence long before. Mediumship is an ability held by mediums who say they are able to serve as intermediaries between people who are living and those who have passed out of their physical bodies, or died. In comparison  to psychics, it is believed that all mediums possess psychic powers, but not all psychics are considered mediums. This comes down to a psychics ability to tell you about your past, present, and often future, but not speak to those who have left their physical bodies. Mediums, on the other hand, can communicate with spirits and do psychic work, as well as some doing energy healing.

Though there are numerous types of mediumship, current day practices are often mental mediumship. Mediums work in various ways, but do not often use tools like tarot cards or numerology. Some may use tools for other purposes, but not in spirit communication. It is believed that everyone has some psychic abilities because we are all interconnected, but some excel more in the ability to focus the ability. Those that excel are best as conduits for spirit communication.

Contacting a Reader

Reader is another term for psychics or mediums. Depending on the type of reading that is desired, you will choose an appropriate reader. If the goal is contact with a spirit of someone who has passed on, then a medium is needed, but a psychic is perfect for answering questions about your personal life pathway and things transpiring around you. A medium can also tell you of the things a psychic can, but do not be surprised if a spirit from your past pops in as well. If your desire is focused on past life details, health concerns, or spirit guide information then mediums or healers can be of great service.

If there is a specific medium that catches your eye then ask about how they work and what areas of focus they prefer. As you ask questions, make them aware of what you wish to accomplish. A genuine reader will be honest about their practices and if they can help in a certain way or they will refer you to someone else that can help.

Many mediums can be found online, in chat groups, or even in spiritual churches that believe in such powers and abilities.


The reasons someone chooses to speak to a medium or psychic can vary greatly, but the top reasons include:

  • Confirmation of a loved one being safe in the afterlife
  • Healing of various types
  • Guidance and information about a personal life path.

Understanding the Work of the Medium

While every psychic and medium choose how they work and it can vary greatly, there are similarities. These are shared below.

  • No one, psychic, medium, or otherwise can have all the answers. We all have free will so a psychic or medium will never tell someone what they should do in life. As life is variable, even mediums and psychics have off days, so constant readings or a medium who works nonstop is unhealthy.
  • Connections with spirits can vary from time to time and are rarely the same. Mediums give the information the spirits share, but may not be able to answer a specific questions. If something does not make sense, it is best to simply hold on to the information for later thought. Some of this information may make sense later on. Spirits are made of pure energy who transfer to a medium through intelligent concepts. The evidence that a spirit is present can take on many forms, like a name, dates of significance, a description of how someone looked, specific memories, or even relaying information about what has happened in your life since that person passed. While you should not have to provide any information ahead of time, be prepared to verify any that is shared.
  • Mediums can be considered the telephone in a conversation that occurs between a spirit and the one with the medium. Be available to hear and truly listen to whoever comes forth, even if the message is for someone else in your life.
  • There are times when sensitive information may come up to help the hearer heal, but this is often necessary.
  • Messages themselves can vary, lasting a long time or being short and sweet.
  • The message received may not be what you want, but is often what you need. Try not to be discouraged.
  • Keep things in perspective when getting a reading. We are the masters of our minds and souls and while spirits can provide guidance, it is not prophecy. While predictions of the future are possible, any future information should be considered with a grain of salt because free will can change the path of life.
  • A reading should leave hearers feeling healed, hopeful, and peaceful because a reader is not about doom and gloom.
  • The hearer’s role is simply to validate information presented from the spirit. Try to be respectful of any medium you visit and avoid trying to cause confusion. Do not be overly anxious to say no when something seems confusing, but take time to reflect on the information. A reading may be terminated if you are disrespectful or cause tension with the medium, so be open and honest throughout. Playing games is disrespectful to the spirits and medium, so it should be avoided. Following a reading, it is best to relax and unwind. This allows the message time to settle so you can gain the most after a reading. This may take days or even weeks.

A Psychic or Medium Should Never…

While all spiritual workers are different, there are a few things that should never occur. These are shared below.

  • Genuine mediums are not in the business of ripping people off. While they provide a service and should expect payment, it should never be extremely high.
  • Mediums should not do anything to scare you, such as saying you are hexed or possibly cursed. They should also only give advice in the areas for which they are trained which excludes the legal, medical, or financial areas.
  • Though some prefer you to sit with them in person, this is not needed.
  • Mediums should not tell you what to do in your life, especially in relation to religion.
  • They should never claim to know the exact future because of all the variables.

A Psychic or Medium May…

  • Provide support or advice, and guidance about a current situation.
  • Mediate communication and possible healing by bringing forth those in the spirit with which you want to speak.
  • Refer you out to other workers in the spiritual world that are specialized fields that the current medium does not work in. These may include shamans, healers, regression therapists, and more.


  • Ask for testimonials of past clients.
  • Expect a charge, but leave if the medium is saying a curse of hex can be removed for an extra payment or a high amount.
  • Fees will vary between mediums, but typically range between $50 and $300 per hour. This is reasonable.
  • Mediums will not scare you into spending more money.
  • Be cautious of readers who ask for a great deal of information. Nothing beyond a first name should be necessary.
  • Mediums do not control what spirit comes forth so if who you wish to speak to is not who comes forth the medium does not control that.
  • Readings are not necessarily done in person. They are just as effective over the phone or computer. Healing has no distance.
  • A reading does not have to be done alone, but some mediums prefer this. Ask first before bringing a friend or spouse.
  • A real medium should be able to give you verifiable facts about a spirit. This may include names, dates, and details of the death, but can include other information.
  • During a reading you should be relaxed and calm. This helps you welcome healing and growth.

Preparing for a Reading

To help prepare you for what to expect, we have shared some basic information to help you remain at ease.

Enter a reading by keeping an open mind that is willing to accept what is shared. Mediums are people that deserve respect for their profession. It is okay to ask to record or tape a session and some mediums will automatically provide this so you may review things later. Some may ask for a personal item of the spirit you are trying to contact so this should be ready to go, but never give more information than what is asked. Additionally, you may wish to remove personal items from yourself when getting a reading in person so you do not accidently disclose things about yourself unintentionally.

During a reading, make sure to remain relaxed and open minded. If receiving a reading in person, a medium may ask you to sit without folding your arms or legs to pick up on your energy. Some may ask for a first and last name for both vibration and personal safety. Do not feel pressured to do or say anything you do not want. All mediums have their own preferences, so what happens may vary greatly, including your personal connection. Be open to the use of crystals, incense, music, or even pen and paper if the medium prefers. Always make sure things are recorded if this has previously been discussed. If questions are asked, answer simply with a no, yes, or I don’t know. Any information given should simply just be taken in without explanation, though the messages are unique for you. Genuine mediums can provide facts about those you are trying to contact and it may take many forms. A good medium will never intentionally frighten a client and should be non-judgmental and respectful throughout. If you receive information you were not expecting, know that it may be what you need, not what you want. This is not up to the reader; they simply deliver the message. This includes receiving a message from a different person than expected.

Expectations as a Client

Mediums are not grief counselors and though they should be aware of the grief around a recently lost loved one, they may suggest outside help for grief. Mediums should provide plenty of proof about your loved one’s spirit, but remain kind in the delivery. The reading should be healing and uplifting, overall positive without any form of judgment or condemnation. You should never be afraid, but leave feeling uplifted and hopeful.

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