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Mediums – Are They Real?

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Could Mediums Really Be Real?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Are mediums real?” Have you ever gotten a psychic reading and been left wondering how a medium could know so much about dead people? Is someone providing them the information? Maybe there’s a secret something hidden somewhere? So many questions! So many doubts!

A long time ago, I admit I, too, thought psychics and mediums were just scam artists. My mother would drag me to tarot card parties, and most of the things I saw were completely over the top –theatrics, drama, black capes and such. To me, it was all just really weird.

It wasn’t until I had my own psychic experiences that I started to think that maybe I ‘d been wrong. Maybe psychics and mediums are real.

Skeptic to Psychic

I’ve always been a left-brained, analytical kind of gal. I reasoned that there had to be some science behind all the psychic phenomena. After all, if someone as skeptical as I was could have intuitive experiences, then I guess pretty much anyone could.

So, years ago, I decided I’d try somethin

g new. I decided to keep an open mind. I signed up for a psychic development class in an attempt to gain insight into what I was experiencing at the time.

Honestly, I left that class forever changed. I became completely fascinated by the world of psychic abilities and spirit communication. This marked the beginning of my journey into working as a professional intuitive reader and medium.

Are Mediums Real?


Absolutely, mediums are real. But are all mediums real? Of course not.

There are certainly some people who claim to be mediums, but are not. If you haven’t ever had an experience with a real medium, it can be difficult to discern which ones are legitimate and which ones are not. So when trying to figure out if a medium is real, you’ll want to look for these things:

  • The medium is warm, positive, and uplifting. A real medium would never give you scary information. A real medium won’t tell you your loved one in heaven is not happy, or that your loved one is trapped in some limbo-like in-between afterlife. Those things simply aren’t true.
  • The medium will communicate a message from a loved one. Proving the continuity of life after death, and passing messages from the “other side” are two of the main tasks of real mediums. Some messages may be humorous. Others may be heartwarming and will provide hope and comfort.

How Can Mediums Know So Much?

Legitimate psychic mediums are incredibly accurate. This may lead people to believe that the mediums are using tricks, such as searching online for information about a client before a reading. Real mediums don’t have the desire to “cheat.” And most of them don’t have the time to cheat!

In reality, the more a medium knows about a client prior to a reading, the harder it is for the medium to perform the reading. Intuitive work is right-brained work and involves sensing. If a medium has knowledge about a client prior to a session, the left side of the medium’s brain kicks in with its analytics. So instead of sensing, the medium will be thinking. For this reason, most mediums like going into sessions “blind,” knowing nothing about the client.

Energy and Frequency

Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Positive energy has a high frequency, while negative energy has a lower frequency. Mediums have developed their extrasensory perceptions to the point where they can tune in to energy. So try thinking of it this way: a medium tunes into energy frequencies much like radios tune in to specific stations based on the stations’ broadcast frequencies.

In other words, real mediums can sense the various frequencies of different energies. One example is the energy of those in the spirit world. Spirit energy has a very high frequency.

Gentle and Subtle

mediums real 2

Information is not received by mediums in an overly dramatic way. It’s received more gently and subtly. It’s not really as flashy as the way it’s shown in TV shows and movies.

When a medium receives information, it’s not so much about lightning bolts, or suddenly being stopped on the road by some ethereal messenger. It involves things more akin to a few whispered words, or a feeling that suddenly changes, or a conviction in that you know something about someone in spirit without ever meeting them.

Okay, so mediums are real. But are mediums the same as psychics?

No. So…

How are Mediums and Psychics Different?

Have you ever heard someone talk about auras? Auras are an energy fields that surround every living thing, including plants and animals. Psychics can sense and interpret the energy of auras. They may also be able to feel peoples’ physical or emotional states, and even “see” things about the people in their own mind’s eye.

Mediums are also able to detect the energy of living things. But mediums can also detect even subtler energy–the energy of those in spirit. Spirit energy vibrates at a much higher frequency than the energy of the living, because there is no physical body to get in the way. In other words, mediums can communicate with the dead.

So basically, all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

How Mediumship Began

Many people consider Kate and Margaret Fox as the pioneers who brought mediumship to the world’s attention. Back in 1848, when the sisters were 12 and 15 years old, they were reported to have the ability to communicate with a man who had been murdered in their home. As the story goes, Kate would communicate, and the spirit of the man would respond by making tapping sounds.

As with other stories passed down through the ages, there have likely been embellishments and inaccuracies passed along. But it’s possible that people were communicating with spirits long before the Fox sisters were.

As a side note, the tapping sounds heard by Kate are a form of physical mediumship which includes other phenomena such as direct voice, levitation, and ectoplasm.

The Girl Next Door Could be a Medium

I guarantee this: legitimate mediums are not about blowing smoke and putting on a show. They’re average, every-day people who also happen to have the ability to communicate with the dead.

None of my neighbors suspect that I, a typical cookie-baking mom, give readings from behind closed doors via smartphone and Skype to people from all over the world.

And although most mediums consider themselves to be spiritual and heart-centered, and want to help people feel better, that doesn’t mean they don’t have bad days and even cuss sometimes! Well, okay. Maybe that’s just me!

The famous medium Maureen Hancock wrote a book called The Medium Next Door. If you’re interested in learning more about the life of a legitimate, down-to-earth medium, you’ll definitely want to read it.

Still Skeptical?

As a professional psychic medium, I definitely believe in this reality. But as I mentioned earlier, I used to be skeptical, so I totally understand where non-believers are coming from.

For now, in an effort to help you keep your mind open when considering the question, “Are mediums real?” let’s tackle a few common issues regarding mediumship.

The Myths Surrounding Mediumship

Some people believe that a medium who can’t quickly and accurately produce every detail about a person in spirit is a fraud. This is simply not true.

Real mediumship is about:

  • Delivering messages from loved ones who have passed to those who are still here on the earth plane. Mediums give a voice to those in spirit, and prove the continuity of existence after death.
  • Bridging the gap between the living and the dead. It’s not at all about telling some guy how many fingers he may be holding up behind his back.

More Reasons for Skepticism

Some people have been the victim of a fake psychic’s scam. Their response, which is understandable, is scoff at all mediums. These stories are heartbreaking.

For others, the religion to which they adhere sets strong standards about the role of mediums or psychics. I completely respect this, but I also believe that people have the freedom to do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

Others may have been told something outlandish that can’t possibly be trusted. “You were King Arthur in a former life.” Really? Come on. No one can prove that you were King Arthur in a former life. But a real medium will tell you things that you can actually validate, like your grandmother loved to sit and play the piano in the parlor on Saturday afternoons. Or that your mom tucked you in with your favorite stuffed blue rabbit every night before bed, and would search throughout the house to find it if it was missing.

When people ask me, “Are mediums real?” I honestly answer, “Yes!” because it’s in this subtlety that there is beauty, love, healing, and hope.

Proof of Mediumship

Even with opening minds and opening hearts, there are still many people who do not believe that mediums are real. If you yourself want to know about mediums in general, or if you’d like to learn how to develop your own gifts, why not begin an investigation to get the truth?

Organizations such as the Windbridge Institute and the Forever Family Foundation are working hard to scientifically prove the existence of mediumship.

And an increasing number of websites and blogs are working to take the falsehoods and the mysteries out of this field in an effort to bring people the pure, honest truth about psychic ability.

Keep an Open Mind

There was a time in the recent past when people would think you were insane if you answered “yes” to the question, “Are mediums real?” But there’s an increasingly more open-minded attitude. Mediums like James Van Praagh, Theresa Caputo and John Edward have gained the respect of millions of people. They’ve been profiled in books and on radio and television shows. The public in general is becoming much more tolerant and unbiased.

Have you ever watched the television show Ghost Whisperer? As the show is certainly first and foremost a means of entertainment first and foremost, not every episode is credible from the scientific side of the psychic medium equation. But some of the episodes really are.

Just a final note to remember: Your best tool to discovering if mediums are real is research. Just like what you’re doing right now.

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