Opening Your Medium Gifts

Opening Your Medium Gifts

One of the biggest things that people want to know is if they can become a medium and how. If you are asking this question, you are probably someone that knows that they have special gifts, and you are waiting for your medium gifts to come out. You might have to learn how to develop these skills, and these are skills that can take you beyond being a psychic and lead you to being a medium.

If you are someone that wants to learn how to be a medium, make sure that you are taking time to practice your skills and that you are being patient with yourself. You can’t just want to be a medium and see your gifts develop but you have to work at this.

Psychic Versus Mediumship

A psychic is someone that can look into the past, present and future. They are able to use their spiritual senses in order to understand things that are happening around them. Here are some of the clair gifts that are often part of being a psychic:

  • Clairvoyant

This means clear seeing and this can be someone that is able to see visions or to know things that they see in their mind.

  • Clairsentient

This means clear feeling. This is when you are able to get information from what your feelings are showing you. You might walk into a room, and you feel stressed or anxious and this can happen because someone in the room has just had a big fight with their partner.

  • Clairaudient

This means clear hearing. This can mean that you can hear things in the spiritual world, and you might even hear music or someone talking to you.

  • Claircognizant

This means clear knowing. This can be a psychic that is able to just know things without having real information.

Medium Gifts

A person that is a medium is first a psychic. They are someone that has psychic gifts, but they have a gift that goes even a step further. Mediums are able to speak into the spiritual world and to hear from spirits. This can be similar to being able to tune into a radio station but instead your mind tunes into the spiritual world and can hear things.

A person that is a psychic medium is someone that can get information from the spiritual world, and they can develop this by increasing their vibrations and making a place to communicate with the spirit world.

Becoming a Medium

You can become a medium if you have this in your soul already. This can be something that your intuition has showing you. Maybe you have thought of someone in your life and then out of nowhere they call you or you might have a desire to go somewhere because you feel that you are drawn there and then something happens that is shocking. This is how your intuition works.

Everyone has intuition and this is your gut feeling. This is when something inside of you lets you know if something is right or wrong, if someone is lying, if something is dangerous or if you need to change your path in life. This is part of being a medium and having that kind of gift.

Are You Psychic?

You can find out if you are psychic if you are someone that gets messages out of nowhere or you seem to just know things. Here are some traits of a psychic:

  • Being sensitive.
  • Being aware of a place or a vibration.
  • Knowing something is good or bad.
  • Knowing if someone is lying.

The things above can be signs that you are a psychic. There are other things that can show you that you have these gifts, but you need to take time to develop each gift that you have. Don’t rush things and let the development happen.

You can’t control your gifts from coming but you can learn how to experience them in a way that is safe for you. You have to learn to consciously apply yourself and learn how to control what is going on around you.

How to Become a Medium

Once you understand what a medium is, you might have a desire to be one. This means that you are recognizing that there are psychic gifts that you have. You might be able to read into the future or you might be someone that is sensitive to the world around you.

Whatever you are doing or wherever you are in your psychic gift, you can keep increasing your gifts. Here is how:

  • Don’t ignore a feeling that you have.
  • When you sense something, pay attention to it.
  • Trust your gifts.

Knowing Your Guides

Once you decide you are going to be a psychic medium, you have to learn to have the support that you need from your guides. This can include your angels or your spirit guides. You need to meet them and spend time with them. As you learn who they are and what they stand for, you will see that these are your friends, and they are there to help you. Here is how to talk to your guides:

  • Ask your guides to show up.
  • Ask them to help you.
  • Ask the guides for messages.
  • Meditate and ask your guides to show themselves.
  • Connect with your guides.

Listen to the Signs

Accept that you want to be a psychic medium and let your signs show you who you are and where you are meant to go. Develop your gifts and as you do this, you will see that signs will follow.

You might have a revelation and you might be able to change directions because of a feeling that you have.

Increased Sensitivity

Once your gifts start to develop, you will feel that your aura is stronger. You will have more sensitivity that you are used to. This will happen when things begin to bother you that don’t normally bother you. You might be more sensitive to spiritual voices, and you might hear noises around you that the spirits are making.

Increased sensitivity can cause you to be depressed or moody and it can cause you to feel different. This happens because your aura is changing and as you learn how to manage it, you will be able to manage your mood better.

Protecting Yourself

You have to learn to protect yourself as a medium. This is important so that you can be safe. Here is how you can protect yourself easily:

  • Imagine a shield around you.
  • Visualize a bubble around you.
  • Imagine that you are under a water and that the water is washing you clean from negative feelings.

There are other visualization techniques that you can use. Find ones that help to boost your mood and keep you strong.

Trust Who You Are

You have to learn to trust yourself and your gifts. As you listen to your intuition more, you will see that you can trust yourself more and this will help you to develop. Self-trust can help you to be able to listen to yourself and to your guides. Here are some ways to develop the trust that you have for yourself:

  • Ask your spirit guides to help you trust yourself.
  • Learn to think beyond your norm.

External Resistance

There will be resistance when you first start using your gifts. Don’t be upset about this. You will have friends and family members that might question you and will doubt you. They will not understand your mediumship gift and they will not understand why you are even going in that direction.

You might also find that you have self-doubt. This can be harder to fight because it can be hard to trust yourself. You can learn to do this though and this will help you to grow. Meditating is one way that you can trust yourself more. Here is how to meditate:

  • Find a quiet place.
  • Concentrate on what your heart is saying.
  • Find silence in yourself and meditate on a regular basis.

Be Attentive

Pay attention to the information that you get. This can be information that comes through your senses, and it might not even make sense to you. As you train your mind and you meditate, you will be able to see that your moods and your actions are different.

You will see that your psychic gifts might not make sense and they might be wild. Learn to stop listening to your logical mind and pay more attention to the information that you are getting through your senses. Here is how to develop your attention:

  • Meditate.
  • Be mindful of what you are saying.
  • Listen to your senses.
  • Notice your feelings.
  • Pay attention to your intuition.

Questioning Yourself

Stop questioning yourself. When your gifts start to develop, you might find that you are questioning things that seem weird or things you don’t understand. You will get lots of information and it can be easy to want to filter through it, but you need to learn to listen to whatever is being said and to be confident that you are getting information from the spiritual world. Trust it as you embrace your gift.

Speak It

A good psychic medium is someone that will say whatever they are hearing in the spiritual world. They will deliver the messages that they get form the spirits and they will not say what someone is wanting to hear but what they really hear. Here are some ways to avoid editing what you say:

  • When you get a message, say what it is.
  • Deliver the messages without changing them.
  • Have integrity.
  • Don’t let yourself get in the way of your spirit work.

Work with Integrity

Once you decide to become a medium, make sure that you are being truthful and real. Don’t give messages just to lift people up but learn to take the messages that you get and say them without filtering them.

Respect others but instead of being positive or adding things to make things seem better, give the message no matter what I tis.

Receiving Information

You will get a variety of information and you might be tempted to use your gift all the time. This can be someone that you see on the street that is struggling or someone that is going through grief. The thing is, not everyone wants to have a message from you, and you need to learn to be respectful of these people.

Make sure that you have boundaries and that if you want to give a message that you are able to ask your guides and then ask the person if they want the message or not.

Don’t Get Lost

Don’t get lost in your gifts. You will have different experiences and you will see that you might feel that you have lost your gift. You haven’t. Sometimes you will get more information than other times. You have to learn to manage your gift and not to get frustrated. As you grow, you will see new things, support yourself.

Develop Your Skills

You need to develop your skills and learn to find comfort in your gift. You can use different tools with your gift such as tarot card reading or palm reading, and these can help you to develop your mediumship along the way. As you listen to the tools, let them guide you.

Don’t Attach

Don’t attach to the spirits as things change and shift. You might want the spirits to always let you in their world, but this isn’t always the best thing. Ask your spirit guides to help you and whatever you are doing, honor your guides and what they tell you.

You Won’t Be Perfect

You aren’t going to be a perfect person or a perfect medium. You might want to develop your gift and put yourself all in but make sure that you are taking care of your body, mind, and soul along the way.

Enjoy Your Gift

As you go through your journey, notice that you will have different gifts come up. Learn something new each time you open yourself up to the gifts that you have. Develop your gifts and learn something new each day. Celebrate yourself as you grow and discover new things that you never knew about yourself.