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Out of Body Experiences

Out of Body Experiences

Astral projection is something that you have probably heard but maybe you do not know what it is. Astral projection is when you meditate, and you leave your body in a supernatural way. The thing is astral projection is more than supernatural, but it is something that is an out of body experience or an OBE. When your physical body is left by your astral body, it allows your astral body to travel and to go someplace that might not make sense to you.

The idea behind astral projection is that you will go to an astral plane, one of the different planes of being where humans become a certain material that is different than what they are now. This is a place where they are looking for their soul and finding a place where they can relax and be with the angels and spirits. This is a spiritual thing.

Before you decide that this is too weird for you, know that this is like dreaming or lucid dreaming. When you begin to fall asleep, it can happen right before you wake up. You can feel your soul coming back into your body when you are about to come back and sometimes this is why you get the falling sensations when you are dreaming.

When you are lucid dreaming, you want your mental body and your soul to face the impossible. Your soul is not really leaving your body, it is just going to a different dimension.

The soul leaving the body happens when you are in astral projection and your brain is active during this time. This happens when your soul is working with your emotional being.

If you want to prepare yourself for astral travel, you need to meditate until you are in a meditative trance. This can happen when you are fully in relaxation and when your mind and your body want to be in a hypnotic state. This is something that can happen for one and might not happen for you, so do not be discouraged.

Remember that when you want to do astral projection that you have pure intentions and that you understand the law of attraction. This means that whatever you send to someone can come back to you. Make sure you have pure intentions and that you are safe when your soul travels.

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