Reaching Out To Your Angels And Spirit Guides


     One of the most asked questions when it comes to psychics and medium is how to connect with angels and spirit guides. Our guides and angels are always sending us messages and signs that they are with us, supporting and protecting us in our daily lives. It is really up to us to open our hearts and learn how to receive their guidance. Below are 4 steps to help you ignite a connection with your spirit team.

You can add 1 or all 4 of these steps to your spiritual tool belt:

1) Set Your Intention

You want to create a successful communication platform with your spirit team of guides and angels. From your heart, ask your angels and guides to be with you.

If you are going to meditate 3 hours from now, ask them to be present during that time. Schedule a meditation meeting. Tell your spirit team ahead of time that you will be ready and kindly request their presence.

2) Meditate 

Take 3 deep breaths. Allow yourself to relax and visualize a beautiful light shining in your heart area. Say a prayer for the highest good to come to you and surround yourself with the divine’s white light of protection.

Visualize your favorite garden and see all the colorful flowers around you. Perhaps there is a fountain or stream nearby and butterflies gently dancing in the warm breeze. In this sacred garden, find yourself sitting on a comfortable bench. Take a deep breath in and sense or feel the amazing vibration of this very special place.

Ask that your guardian angel or spirit guide come forward and sit next to you. Ask their name and listen. Ask how they are here to help you. Take this time to listen to them tell you in what ways you are being guided and supported.

“Keep your heart open to receiving further messages from your spirit team.”

3) Ask for Confirmation 

When you receive a name or information and you are not quite sure…..ask for clarity. Your guides and angels will eagerly offer more information.

Ask them for confirmation by giving you a sign or symbol that you will notice and that you will know this message came from them.

For example, one of my clients met a new spirit guide in his meditation, recently. He could not believe that the name he received was the correct name, because it was such a common name, he did not know if he made it up in his mind or that it was spirit’s message to him.

He was new to the meditation process and he needed a little reassurance and clarity around his latest meditative experience.  He asked his new spirit guide friend for confirmation.

Later that day, while my client was watching his television program, the announcer said the name of his spirit guide three times in a row. Spirit is amazing!

4) Express Gratitude 

Thank your guides and angels for this time together and for being with you.

See, feel or sense them receiving your appreciation and heartfelt gratitude. Invite them to come the next time you are in your garden meditation.

When you are ready, write down your messages and keep them in your spiritual journal.

The process of writing your experience down on paper helps to focus your energy and lets your spirit team know you received their messages loud and clear.


  1. Expressing gratitude seems to be a vital component in maintaining a strong connection with one’s spiritual guides. The act of writing down experiences also helps reinforce the messages received, ensuring a clearer understanding.

  2. This article provides a structured framework for those looking to connect with their spirit guides. The practical steps mentioned, such as setting intentions and meditating, seem manageable and can be integral for spiritual growth.

  3. The idea of visualizing a sacred garden during meditation is quite intriguing. It adds a personalized touch to the meditative process, making it easier for individuals to feel connected and at ease.

    • Indeed, the visualization of a garden can serve as a powerful anchor for one’s thoughts during meditation, fostering a deeper sense of presence and focus.

  4. I appreciate the clarity in the outlined steps for engaging with one’s spiritual team. It’s interesting to note the emphasis on gratitude and intention setting, which are often discussed in various spiritual practices.

  5. Asking for confirmation from guides and angels is a sensible step that can help reinforce one’s belief in the process. It’s reassuring to know that one can seek clarity and receive tangible signs.


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