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Reaching Out To Your Guardian Angel

 Many of us hopelessly praying to have a guardian angel watching over us while others walk through life without a care in the world about whether they have one or not. Everyone is different and everyone has their own unique beliefs about the afterlife, whether they believe it exists or not. For those who believe in guardian angels, a guardian angel may appear at any time. It could appear as a mother type figure that takes care of you when you desperately need care or a friend that goes overboard to show you they are there for you in your time of need.

Our guardian angels can appear in a variety of forms and will do their ultimate best to assist you in your time of crisis. This could be through a catalyst of some sort and may even be shown through drastic measures such as saving you from a burning house or car accident. Guardian angels assist in a near invisible manner and may work through someone close to you or a stranger to help you through difficult moments in life. Therefore, they encourage us to have more faith in the kindness of others. Believe it or not, your angel is hovering nearby just waiting for the next time they can connect with you.

If you want to connect to your guardian angel than there are some simple ways you can start.

#1: Meditation is the perfect way to reach out to your guardian angel. You not only fall into a deeper state of calm and relaxation, but you are more in touch with your internal self and open to receiving new information. Practice talking to your guardian angel while you are meditating. Meditate by taking some private time in a private space and relaxing your body. Practice breathing properly and allow yourself to empty your mind of all stress and worry.

#2: Prayer is important when it comes to connecting with your guardian angel. Allow yourself to let go and talk about personal issues, goals, dreams and desires. Pretend you are talking to someone close to you and share your innermost hopes and wishes for the present and future. You can ask for help if you need it. You won’t be judged on anything you say.

#3: Take a long walk. Imagine that your guardian angel is walking right along beside you and are speaking with them. You don’t have to speak out loud as they can hear you. By taking a long walk or hike away from it all you can escape the hustle and bustle of the day to day and truly open your soul. If you find a place with a picturesque view then sit there for awhile and share your thoughts with your guardian angel.

#4: Take out the garbage. This is very important. If you don’t clear your head of all the “junk” that you keep cluttering it up with, you won’t find clarity and it will be harder to connect to your guardian angel. Take a moment and completely empty your thoughts. Think about issues that have a deeper meaning to you. Ask yourself, “What do I want from this lifetime?” Or, “What do I want to accomplish?” Your guardian angel will be listening and you may feel a warmth or kind presence circling you.

#5: Try journaling. Keep a journal with you at all times and then offer your thoughts and innermost desires for life to your guardian angel by reading them out loud or just read it internally to them. Visualization and communication is very important when trying to connect with your guardian angel.

The relationship you have with your guardian angel will develop over time if you keep your heart, mind and soul open to the idea of them being beside you as a guide, best friend and protector. Your guardian angel is there at all times, in good times and bad and whether you are aware of them or not. Take the time to communicate with them and you may find a sense of true inner peace.

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