Real Psychic Mediums


mediums 1You may be thinking or curious on what is really a psychic medium. Well it is a human being who has the capability of channeling and can connect to your loved ones who passed away and is already in a spirit world. A real medium can give you a reading, you can ask anything and then will try to connect to someone from your family or friends who has passed on.

A real medium cannot guarantee that they will be able to connect when you go for a reading, because it may not happen if spirit are not willing or unable to give you any information. However most of the time you will be connected to someone from the spirit world. It doesn’t always have to be someone who you particularly know, as it can be anyone from a great granddad to a distant uncle.

When you get messages coming across from the medium to you, at first it can seem a bit strange, but after a while after you have been given some messages, you will get used to it. You may not know at first what spirit is talking about as they don’t always give you messages that you can understand. It may be that the medium is given a message that is offering her some flowers, and they will tell you this.

mediums 3You may not know what the flowers mean, but someone else in the family may. It is usually symbols that spirit give to you and it is up to the medium and you to decipher what is being said or shown. Sometimes you do get very clear messages saying that someone is going to have a baby or move etc but sometime it is just symbols. It is very worthwhile going to a medium if you have loved ones that have passed on.

You will come away assured that life does really go on after you have passed away. It is a very comforting feeling to know that your loved ones are still around you and can see and hear you. That is why people go to a medium so they can communicate with you through spirit. So if you are wanting to speak to someone in the spirit world or just want reassurance that they are okay, then find a real medium who will be able to do this for you.

mediums 2Make sure that you bring some notes with you so you don’t forget what to ask the medium. Try to be positive and always keep an open mind. Don’t bombard the medium with questions, just let them tell you what they are being shown. You can find a real medium either at your local Spiritualist Church or through the Internet. If you don’t have a local Spiritualist Church then go online and look for a medium.

Make sure that they have some feedback from satisfied customers and to see if they are what you are looking for. Once you book up a reading then you will be pleasantly surprised at what a real medium can tell you.