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Responding When a Spirit Connects with You

Responding When a Spirit Connects with You

Some people see images of people that have died but they have never met them before in real life.  These can be your dreams and during your times of meditation.

Dream communication is when the spirits will communicate with you in your dreams and there can be spirits that bring their energies to you.

Different things might happen when you experience this such as the room temperature might change, and your mood might change.

Some mediums get pictures or images in their mind when someone passes away, while others hear them talking and see them moving in dreams or visions.

If you continue to have reoccurring dreams, figure out why and listen to what message it is trying to tell you.

Spirit Guide

If you see images in your mind this can be called the “Eye of the Spirit.”  This is a time where people that have the gift of clairvoyance can have strong visions of people that have died.  These can be images without any other type of messages.

You might go through old clippings or go to a historical society to find out what those people want or who they are.

To Be Known

Some spirits just want to be known and to make their presence known.  These spirits will find a channel and communicate with a psychic or a medium that is allowing it.  There are sometimes that missing people will try to communicate with a medium in an effort for detectives to find the body.

Some of the spirits that show up are just unknown spirits and it could be a neighbor or someone down the street.

Unknown People

People that die are wanting their life to have closure so they will come back as spirits so that their death can be solved.

This may be that the spirits take things into their own hands and they find mediums that will listen o them and open up to them.  When this happens, look for reports or findings to figure out if the person was missing or something happened to them.

When you can solve the case, chances are that the spirit will move on and will not raom the earth anymore.

Sometimes though, this does not mean that something needs solved, it can be someone that cares.  When this happens, some spirits will just leave naturally and on their own.

Some people that have died unknown deaths will try to find a medium that is open and will try to heal them from their loss.  If there are no loved ones to visit or communicate with, some will reach out to mediums that can feel them.

They will do this so that they can concentrate on their own death and learn to accept it and they need to get the feelings out because they are confused.


Some people will not release how afraid they are of dying before they die and so when they do die, they need to talk to a medium.

Some spirits will show that their death was needed, and they need to be heard before they cross over.  Some will want to tell you about why they died and will talk about what they are seeing.

Spirits that do not have a voice can sometimes be a disruption to homes and to buildings and could scare the family or the neighborhood.


Spirits will sometimes appear, and you will see their faces and know they are coming in.  If you are familiar with psychic gifts, a spirit can sound like it is tapping when it walks in.  The psychic realm is all around the universe and you can tap into it to get information.

Tuning in can help psychics to meet new spirits and to see things in space and to see images and faces from the spirits.  If a spirit appears to you then this is a sign that your spirit body is somewhere else and your soul is linking to it.

If this gets upsetting to you, bring yourself back by meditating or using essential oils.

Psychic Realm

The psychic realm is a place where you can be without meaning to be.  You can see all different types of images and unless you tune in to a specific area, the information will just pass through.

Not all spirits will come when you are trying to talk to them, some will just come by and move on.  The psychic realm is like a giant radio and when you are a psychic or medium you get that information when you are sleeping or meditating, and you can find signals and hear them.

Sometimes, this happens accidently, and it is part of your changing life and can open up your conscious being.  This can help you to tap into the astral plane and possibly change the life of others.


Most people can communicate with spirits through telepathy or through clairaudient gifts.  Ask the spirits questions and ask them to show you things.  Visualize the images that you see and connect with them.

When the spirits contact you, they have died and they need to be heard.  Usually, a spirit will come looking for someone or looking for help and they will appear suddenly while they are crossing over.

Try to get information from them and see what they want to talk about.  If they don’t go away, they might need help crossing over and you will learn to help them and help to release their spirit and their fear of death.

Other Spirits

Some spirits will come because they are your spirit guide or someone that you have made a soul connection with at a different time.  These people could be from your past life or your present life.

You might want to dig deeper and try to figure out why they are coming and what they want.

If the spirit feels safe with you and wants to communicate with you, find out what they want.  Have long term conversations with them and don’t ignore them because they might not always be around for long.

Stranger Visit

When a spirit visits you and you don’t know them, help them and let them move on.  Try to tune in and see what they want and need.

They might want you to research where they are from or they might be trying to get you to use your gifts and take their questions serious.

Small kids can get through to psychics better and they are probably looking for their parents.  Always remember to keep an open mind and to increase your gifts.

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