Reuniting with Your Passed Loved One

Reuniting with Your Passed Loved One

April 6th is considered the Day of Reuniting. This is a day that people can prepare for and is part of the 108th dimension.

What is the 108th Dimension?

The 108th dimension is something that is known as heaven. Some people call it heaven while other religions call it things like Trayastrimsa or Jannah. This is a place that people refer to when someone dies.

All religions have different beliefs and believe different things happen when someone dies. They all say that someone goes to a place, but the places are named different things and they are all referred to as the 108th dimension.

April 6th

April 6th is the Day of Reuniting, and this is found in numerology. This happened in 04/06/2022 and they are the code to opening up the door to this dimension.

There is a lock on the dimension, and it stays locked and only a person that is dying can get there. This stops other souls and astral travelers from being able to go into the dimension. On April 06, 2022, the door will be opened for 6 days.

Once the door is opened, some people will be able to go into a new dimension and they will be able to be reunited with their loved ones that are there.

What Does Reuniting Mean?

This means that you will be able to talk to people that you have lost such as your parents or grandparents.  You can talk to relatives that have died and friends. You will be able to hold them and touch them just like they are still alive.

Why Will This Happen?

This will happen because:

  • On this day, the vibrations will be raised, and it will allow you to be on the same frequency as the dead loved ones. They will be real even though they have passed away.
  • You will learn a Ecto-astral trait that makes it possible for you to go there.

You can do this for 6 days. You will be able to touch and see them and even hold them. Not only will you be able to talk to them, but you will be given the chance to hug them for one last time.

When you get to see someone that is on the other side, you will know that they have made it and that they are okay. You will no longer be stuck, and you will be guided to safety knowing that your loved ones are safe. This will help to let you see them and help them to find their way home.

You might see a friend or a relative and you will be able to talk to them about things that have happened or share a memory with them. You will have the chance to be together with them again. If you miss your grandparents, you can be there to see them. You can get to know them again and tell them about who you are.

If you need closure, this will be a time to get it. You will have the chance to love them again and to see them. You can even see your pets and talk to them and pet them again. This will be a powerful experience and not many people know about it.

Once the day of Reuniting comes, you will be able to see friends, relatives, loved ones and pets that have passed away. You will have an experience that will change your life.

April 6th to April 12th, 2022

These are the days that you will be able to reunite with those that have passed on. You will be able to touch them and to talk to them. They will come to you as living beings do.

You will have a happy time with them, and it won’t be sad or heartbreaking. You won’t want it to end but you will get a chance to tell them that you love them and that you will be there again someday. Take time to love them and to hug and kiss them.

Take time to understand them and let them know that you missed them and love them.

What to Do

If you want to be reunited with your loved ones again, here’s what to do:

  • Know this only happens once every 5,000 years.
  • Take this time to heal.
  • Have closure.
  • Let your energies get high.
  • Know what will happen.

Once you are prepared for this, you can be ready to see someone that you haven’t seen in a very long time or even someone that has died recently. This can be a chance of a lifetime.