Should I Act on My Premonitions?

Should I Act on My Premonitions?

Premonitions are hard to track.  Anyone can say they predicted a Super Bowl win or natural disaster after the fact.  To make any factual claims you must have substantive proof of seeing this outcome prior to the event taking place.

Premonitions are feelings something is about to occur, seeing a picture of the future like a movie.  Many people have experienced a premonition at some point or during their life.  From knowing who is about to call just before the phone rings, to an unshakable joy before you meet a stranger who will one day become your best friend.  Skeptics may chalk this up to happenstance, but premonitions are much more than simple coincidence.

Premonitions can be so strong a person knows without a doubt this image will occur.  A person sensitive to spiritual energy changes can be called an intuitive or psychic.  Typically, this gift is passed down through close relatives where people feel connected by a bond more powerful than simple human consciousness.  A person may get a subtle or dynamic sensation that can veer you outside your daily routine and remain stuck in your mind.  Images may be vague like a foggy feeling, or sharp like a cinematic movie.  These senses can predict something that may happen in a few minutes or a number of years.  They can arise in the midst of a chore or while sleeping.

What to do after having a premonition

Begin by documenting what you remember, otherwise you will have nothing to prove your instinct and people will not believe you.  Choose to document premonitions that are detailed like a movie, and not the vague sensations.  Here are some strategies for documentation.

  • Journal it. Writing down your premonitions can be incredibly useful.  Include the time and date you experienced this vision.  Although some can claim you doctored this entry, by keeping regular entries can show your personal record of insights and success rates.
  • Tell people. Never keep your premonitions private.  Share what you find important with a trusted ally.  This is evidence and builds a sense of share confidence in your gift.  The weakness is it relies too heavily on people being honest and problems with foggy memories.  Consider sharing your experience via e-mail due to its ability to date stamp.

Be specific

No matter what method you select, be as detailed as possible in your descriptions.  Provide key attributes.  It can be difficult to describe feelings, but try as hard as you can.  Record locations, people, names, landmarks, shapes, colors, smells, temperatures, emotions, and conversations you recall.  Avoid embellishing with aspects you didn’t truly sense.  Accuracy and honesty are vital.

If you believe a premonition has come true, be honest about your success.  It might not be completely accurate, but you should have enough correct facts to verify your ability.  The proof will be in your reporting!  Never take your premonitions for granted.  The more quantifiable evidence we have of this phenomenon, the closer society will come to truly accepting it.