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Signs That The Dead Are Still with Us

It is comforting to know that the spirits have sent messages that they are still with us and the death is just another phase of living.  Even though we feel that they are gone, they are actually still on their life journey and still available to us for guidance and comfort and assistance.

There are many stories about how the departed have connected with their loved ones. These stories and lovely and serve to reassure us.

Here are several ways that spirits contact us:

  1. Dream Visits

It is very common to have our dearly departed connect with us through our dreams.  In dreams they can interact with us clearly and in a non-threatening way.

  1. Visions

You may get the feeling that you are not alone. You may catch the shadow of a long lost pet or catch a glimpse of a loved one. This vision can appear in various stages of transparency.

  1. Scents

You may smell the aroma of something that reminds you of the person who has passed on. It can be something subtle like incense or pipe smoke. This is the spirit letting you know they are with you.

  1. Sounds and Music

Nothing is sweeter than hearing your name called by a loved one.  It is especially sweet when you hear someone who you thought was gone forever calling to you.   You may also hear the your loved one’s favorite song when you most need their support.

  1. “God-Incidences”

Instances of coincidences that work in your favor my very well be special favors from God and be directly influenced by your loved one.

  1. Sensing a Presence

Some report feeling a strong presence or energy in a room.  This can also be a breeze passing you. This can be evidence that your loved one is reaching out to you.  Many people report feeling their loved one at the moment they pass.

  1. Butterflies, Dragonflies and Birds

Nature can also be a messenger from your loved one.   This can be any winged creature.

  1. Rainbows

Rainbows are beautiful and comforting for many reasons. Sometimes one may appear when you are thinking about your loved one, this is a distinct sign that you are connecting.

  1. Numbers

You can find numbers that were meaningful to the dearly departed that show up all around you. They pop up on clocks, receipts or license plates.  These can be important dates or even favorite “lucky” numbers.  When you see these, know that you are connecting.

  1. Recognition

One of the most vivid ways of your loved one making their presence known is to see someone who resembles them just when you are thinking about them.   They may reach out this way because you truly need to see a sign.

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