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Signs Someone Who has Passed is Still With You

Signs Someone Who has Passed is Still With You

We all want comfort in knowing the spirits of our loved ones are still with us, even after they have passed. There are several common signs from Heaven that give us that peace of mind and comfort. All you need to do is to pay attention and keep an open heart. Before getting into the signs from Heaven, let us explore why the spirits would visit from the other side.

Spirits are pure energy that are not tied to a body, so they communicate to let you know things like:

  • They are at peace
  • They are around in a different form
  • To celebrate life events
  • To say hello
  • To comfort you when a setback occurs

A deceased loved one could also have a message for you which is really common when someone dies suddenly and was unable to say goodbye for some reason. Below are several signs that a loved one who has passed is still with you.

Spirit Dreams

If you have ever dreamed of a loved one who has died with the dream being so vivid it appeared real. Then the reason was because it was real as this is the way the spirits often visit us. Some signs that this is the type of dream you are having include:

  • Highly vivid
  • Telepathic communications without spoken words
  • The loved one is happy, worry free, illness free, and smiling
  • Emotional experience
  • Smell their scent
  • Feel their touch
  • Hear their laugh
  • Feel at peace
  • Receive some special message

Another common way to tell if your dream is actually a spirit visit is to pay attention to whether your loved one is glowing. Since the spirits are now energy, they tend to have a glowing, almost translucent quality when visiting our dreams. These visits are not scary, but comforting. Do not let your logical side talk you out of believing.

Moving Objects

Loved ones in Heaven may move objects to get your attention. This can be a small move, like a bottle of perfume being just to the side of where you thought you left it or the remote disappearing. One person talks about wanting to have a specific verse on her husband’s funeral card, but being unable to contract the printers in time. The next day, she noticed her prayer book opened to the exact verse and lying on the floor. She knew it was him.

Animals and Plants

Spirits enjoy sending their favorite animal or plant to let us know they are around. Perhaps you start seeing a bird in your yard you have never seen before or the same one appears every time you think of your loved one. Maybe an insect or butterfly keeps coming into your field of view, like its trying to grab your attention. Make sure you pay special attention when things come out of season, like a bird that should have already migrated or when the plant has a special association with your loved one. It can be highly comforting to look for these signs.

Pets Seeing Spirits

Sometimes, after someone dies your pets begin acting strangely. Animals are highly intuitive and can sense or see spirits when they visit. If your pet sees a spirit, you may notice they:

  • Become more vocal
  • Stare intently at something you cannot see
  • Act excited for no real reason

Take notice of your animals because they may be trying to pass on a message from beyond.

Technical Glitches

One of the most common signs is that of electronic glitches. Remember that your loved one’s soul is now pure energy and they can easily mess with electrical energy to communicate and let you know they are nearby. It can come as a sudden flicker of the lights, the television turning itself off, the volume changing, receiving an odd text, or getting a call from yourself with no one on the other end. This is without any other explanation, like a storm.

Sensing Their Presence

If you were very close to the person that died, you may be able to sense their presence after they pass. It may feel as if someone is sitting next to you, your loved one is there, or you are being watched. Many people find this comforting. Do not be afraid to invite them in to stay for a while.

Trinkets or Coins

Most have heard of pennies from Heaven and this is an easy way for our departed loved ones to say they are thinking of us. Pick the penny up and check the year to see if it is significant. Sometimes it is not a coin, but a flower, rock, or feather. It can take lots of energy to move this type of stuff so it will likely be small items.

Scents and Smells

Getting a quick whiff of your loved one’s signature scent whether it is grandma’s cookies, your mother’s perfume, or your uncle’s pip tobacco, can be a sure sign if there is no source. This can happen as you walk through your house or as you drive with the windows up and doors shut.


Heavenly coincidences include things like hearing your loved one’s favorite song playing in several locations or seeing a signature piece of clothing your loved one wore on several people the same week. These are not coincidences, but signs from your loved one. Welcome them as something between the two of you.

Remember that our loved one are often looking over us and want to offer helpful advice or just let us know they still care. When you think you received a sign, trust your intuition that you have and enjoy.

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