Signs that You Are on Your Way for Your Awakening

Signs that You Are on Your Way for Your Awakening

Your awakening will happen at the right time in your life and when it does, you will see things about your purpose and your path. You will have passion for things that you never imagined would be important to you.

Being a spiritual person and having your soul grow will help you through your awakening process. You will see that this will change you to your core and you will be open to new and exciting things, beliefs, and values in your life. You will find out who your real self is, and your awareness will increase.

Some people believe that they have no control over their purpose or what happens in their life, but the truth is, you have to be willing to do more than just watch what happens in your life. You have free will and your nature is there to allow you to be what you want to be.

Things in life are not final and when you learn to grow from the inside out, you will align your goals with things in your life.


You make the choice to be happy. Being unhappy means that you feel like your life is out of control and most of the time people don’t realize that they give this power to others.

There is a material part of life and it is when your soul disconnects from your physical being and then your happiness is hard to find. We become attached to certain things that are only temporary in life.

The Mind

The mind plays a big role in how we think and how we grow. Our emotions and our thoughts change and when we stop communicating with the universe, we come to a place where we are not able to achieve what we want to achieve.

We look to clarify our actions and to feel good about things even though our belief system is not where it should be. We let others choose what we believe and engrain this in our minds. It causes us to have certain mindsets and values.

Learn to look at your beliefs and figure out what values you have. Unlearn things that don’t help you and learn to express your mind and your thinking.

You are in control of how you grow, and you have soul wisdom. Learn to move forward in life and stop limiting yourself.


You should be striving to have joy and you need to align your life and balance yourself so that you can understand what is going on inside of you.


Learn to redirect your thoughts and move forward with what you have to say but always think the things over and then when you need to speak, speak loudly.

Your body will give you internal signals to help you make good decisions.

Pay attention to what you are feeling:

  • Are your emotions aligned with what you want in your life?
  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Do you feel that you are on the right path?
  • Do you feel like you are stopping yourself from moving forward?

When you feel that you are confident and you have guidance, you can move on in your life.


Your awakening can help you to change and help your spirit to mature. When you realize that you are not able to move forward or when you realize that you are having a hard time, do not let your ego be in control of you.

Question what you are doing and make sure that you have changes in your life and that you face your challenges.

Signs of the Awakening

  • Feeling lost.
  • Feeling like you have no purpose.
  • When you are feeling empty.
  • You want a deep connection.
  • You have no joy.
  • Your life feels disconnected.
  • You have no purpose.
  • Your life feels fake.
  • You ask questions that are deep.
  • You look at things differently.
  • You see society is not always real.
  • You have empathy.
  • You have strong compassion.
  • You sometimes need alone time.
  • You are aware of your negative habits.
  • A desire to know who you are.
  • Heightened senses.
  • Synchronicity happens.
  • You are childlike and curious.
  • You love others.
  • Desire to show others who you are.
  • You become one with your soul.

There are other things that might happen to you when you go through your awakening and this is because your soul is embracing what you are doing in your life.

You have a purpose to reach your journey and to shine your light in darkness. Your soul will grow and go through things.

Stages of Infusion of the Soul

Once you experience traumas and your ego gets stronger, you might need to have a soul infusion. This will help you to stop limiting yourself.

Soul infusion means that you have to go through different stages to free yourself. This helps you to be more aware of what you are doing and allows your life to be strong.

Stage 1

This is when you have to let go of your ego and be yourself.

Stage 2

You deal with conflict and grow your soul.

Stage 3

Your personality gets stronger, and you become free.

When this happens, you will see that you can align your soul and that your integration will affect who you are as a person. You will be your souls messenger and you will learn to have peace and joy in your life.

You will realize who you are, and you will have pure love.

The awakening can be hard, but it is a purpose to help you to find out who you are and to find the true meaning of your life.


There is a process of the awakening and we all have to go through it when we want to experience this life. When you suffer, your awakening is likely close to you.

Activating Your Awakening

  • This can happen at any time but comes often after a sickness or a trauma.
  • Life will teach you many lessons that help you grow and be the best that you can be.
  • Other people will no longer be able to limit what you believe.
  • Your trauma will be something that was necessary for soul growth.
  • Your life will change courses and you will keep growing along your path.

Clear Thinking

Once you change your soul and you reach your higher self, you will see that your life will become aligned with the universe. You will feel different, and your energy will change.

You will expand and you will find your purpose, but you will learn more about yourself than you have ever known. Your journey will help you to discover who you are and to find your true self. You will have life experiences and learn lessons and you will discover that you can evolve and have a higher mind and soul.