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Signs You Were a Medium in a Past Life

Signs You Were a Medium in a Past Life

Many people believe that psychics and mediums that are very sensitive have gifts that have evolved over time and this is why they are able to use their gifts so good.  When a person travels through different lifetimes, they become wiser and are able to continue to use their gifts with both compassion and increased abilities.

Some lifetimes have brought back memories that are intense and teach mediums and psychics how they should act, they are life lessons.  When you learn a philosophy, you might find that you become an expert years later and this can be a sign that you have been doing psychic work for many lifetimes.

Signs You Were a Healer or Medium in the Past

When you are a medium or healer and you have lived in past lives, chances are you have grown and became wiser.  Here are some signs you were a medium or healer in a past life.


If people always are coming to you for advice, this can be natural because people can see that you are sensitive to things around you.  When people are constantly asking you for your insight and wanting to know your thoughts, chances are they have shown that you have a natural ability to give advice and to help others.

Hardships and Pain

People that are sensitive to others have often experienced a hard life.  Mediums want to heal others and they work with the spirit world and people in order to do that.

Mediums and psychics deal with taking trauma from their clients and helping them to heal and to deal with the pain that they have been through.  A good psychic will be able to learn from the client’s pain because chances are, they have been through it as well.  They are able to empathize and to show compassion

Going through hardship is something that happens to souls that have advanced through life.  One that is strong in their soul can help mentor people that have bent through pain and repeated trauma.  Those that are mediums, healers and psychics are able to become mentors for others, especially those that have been through trauma in other lives.

It is hard for someone to mentor another person if he or she has not already mastered dealing with pain and trauma.

Social Judgment

Those that are sensitive to fear and judgement from others were more than likely abused or killed for who they were in a past life.

Judgement can be a life sentence and if this has happened to you, chances are you are better attuned to the judgment of others and you fight against it.

If you feel that you were killed in a past life for your beliefs, then it is common for you to know other people’s pain and to be afraid of things such as fire.  You can be someone that can express your gift better and help those that have blocked chakras.

Energy healing and regression is part of healing the trauma of the past.  There are different ways that you can find this healing and embrace it such as getting a judgement detox or by finding people that you can talk to that can help identify and release the past traumas.

Dressing Up Like a Witch

When people like to dress up for different holidays, if you are always being drawn to be a witch, chances are you are wanting to show off your alter ego and this is probably from your past life.

When you dress up as something like a soldier, part of you is connected to a soldier more than just physically but on a soul level.  This is the same as dressing up as a witch.  If you are connected at a soul level, then chances are that you have been one in the past.


Those that are natural mediums have strong talent, but they are also very skeptical of others.  They have skills that are part of their heart and soul and so when they find someone practicing these things, they instantly are skeptical of them being a true medium or healer.

If you watch a show and you feel that things are blown out of proportion and you feel that things are not real, then chances are you are a medium or healer in the past and you have natural talent and are an expert in that area.

Some old souls want to see things done right and they are increased to details and identifying truth.

Spirit Interests

If you have been attracted to spirits for a long time and even if it seems to be based on fear, chances are you have a natural talent for being a medium or a psychic.

If you are interested in potions, herbal remedies and other types of witchcraft, this could be because you were a healer in your past life.  People that healed in the past have natural abilities to use herbs and remedies.

Hidden Gifts

Feeling like you need to hide your gifts can be because you fear that the world is going to judge you.  You might have died in the past life of a hanging or stoning because of your beliefs.  You might have had people in your soul group that judged you and then bad things happened to you.

If this happened in your past life, chances are you will be fearful of your gift but the truth is that you can now create new patterns in your life and break free from this soul Karama that you have.  Do not be afraid and learn to share your gift and your love with others and see that things are okay.

Family Ties in Paranormal

When you have people in your soul group that are intuitive, chances are that you have learned things together.

When you have a friend or a family member that is interested or acts in the paranormal, they likely have introduced you to their gifts.  It is possible that you are following on the same path as them and that they have put you in their soul group because they know that you have the same healing and psychic gifts that they do.


If you have any of the above signs, chances are that you are a natural medium, psychic or healer and this could be because you have done this in a past life.  Maybe you have dreams that are about things you don’t recall or maybe you recall things of your past life that you just couldn’t put your finger on.

You may have been destined in this lifetime to do things such as public speaking or writing or maybe you love herbs and you want to make new things that help to heal others.

Many mediums and psychics are old souls, and this means that they have lived more than one life.  There can be different levels of young to old souls and some people have lived many lives.  These souls will interact together and even if you are an old soul, chances are, you can teach a young soul how to use their gifts for the better.

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