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Signs You Were a Psychic in the Past Life

Signs You Were a Psychic in the Past LifeThe little voice that you hear inside of you giving you direction or telling you to call someone is your intuition.  This is when you find out that you call someone, and they have some interesting news or when you had plans and you are delayed only to figure out that there was a car accident up the road.  This is an inner voice that can help you.

Intuition works the best when you are aware, and you are paying attention to the voice.  When you have good hearing, it means that you are tuned in and mindful to what is going on around you.

Exercising Your Intuition

You can exercise your intuition like a muscle.  Try it when the phone rings and see if you can hear in your mind who is calling.  Look out the window and see if you can figure out when someone is coming or what they are doing.  You can practice this and think about things and pay attention and see when you are right.


Make sure that you tune into what is around you and learn to read the auras of people around you.  When you meet someone new, try to figure them out before they tell you anything.  See if they are happy or sad or if they are angry.  You will be able to tell this immediately and know if you really want to be around them or not.

Sometimes you will meet someone new and not want to be around them because your intuition is picking up negative vibes to warn you and give you a sign.  It could be something small but always pay attention and find out.

Matching Up

If a person is smiling or looking happy, does it feel like the smile is fake?  Do you feel that someone’s personality doesn’t match up to what you thought it was?  This can be your intuition giving you a sign to stay away from that person and to find someone else to talk to.  Pay attention and let your intuition guide you in all situations.


Practice letting your intuition guide you and who you what is helpful to you.  Depend on your intuition to lead you down the right path.

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