Soulmates That Cannot Be Together


When people think about being with their soulmate, they believe that everything will be perfection. It will be even more than what we see on the movies. Everything might go away, but you know that your soulmate will still be there for you.

The second that you lay your eyes on this person, you will know that you are in love with them. You know that you are meant to be with that person, and it will feel different than all of your other relationships.

How It Works

There are some people that feel that the soulmate connection is something perfect.  You might even think that nothing in your life matters more than them but as you learn to figure out your soulmate relationship, there will be things that you never expected, such as them becoming unavailable to you.

Some people will meet their soulmate, but they might not be able to be with them because they may be married, or they might be in a different area far away from you. This might cause them to look for love somewhere else and even though there is nothing wrong with this, you may have a different soulmate that is actually available and single for you.

More Than Love

Sometimes when your soulmate comes along it will not be for a romantic situation. It will be to find a best friend. Everyone needs to have a good friend and if you work hard at your soulmate relationship then you can have a best friend right at your fingertips.


If your soulmate lives far away from you, being together with them can be hard. Sometimes this can happen if you meet them while they are on vacation or while they are in town for a work trip. When this happens, you could move across the world to be with them, but this is not always something that is possible for all people.

For most people, they are stuck seeing their soulmate move back home and they will only be able to chat online, over the phone or send each other gifts or letters in the mail. You can work hard to make this relationship work and then maybe someday you can be physical together.

Sometimes it is a discouragement when you aren’t allowed to be with your soulmate, but you need to remember that life is hard sometimes and that it just makes you stronger.

Keep your mind open and let your heart find new love for you. Never doubt what the universe wants to give you and make sure that you are staying strong and being positive in all situations in your life.

Always keep an open mind when someone new comes into your life. You will see that the universe can send you a soulmate out of nowhere so do not ever run or hide from new relationships and see what is going to happen in your life in the future.


Finding a soulmate can be the best thing that ever happened in your life. Even if you are not able to be with your soulmate right now, making new connections can be exciting and fun.