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Spirit Guides for Best Friends

Spirit Guides for Best Friends

Everyone has a spirit guide, some have many.  The guides will help to make plans and to make decisions throughout our life.  Even though it is hard for people to believe, the spirit guides can come in many different forms.  With advice from your friends or family, even a stranger, the spirit guides can always be bringing you messages.

Who Are They?

Our spirit guides are people who have had lived on the earth previously.  We get our guides based on the Law of Attraction which says that we attract people or spirits that are like us.  The Spirit guides associate themselves with our growing and our protection and they are usually more advanced and experienced in lessons of life than we are.

Knowing Them

Some spirits from the spirit world will talk through others while some will connect to us through nature.  They will help us to know them and when we have stronger spiritual awareness, we will be able to hear from them and connect with them stronger.  This will help us to increase our intuition and get more insight about our life and the spiritual world.

More Than One?

Some of your guides have been with you before you were born while other guides will enter into your life through your journey.  Some guides will help you with your jobs or with your hobbies or when life is changing.  The spirit guides are like a team and will come when they are needed.

Be Open

It is easy to connect with your spirit guides if you talk to them.  You have to let them know that you want them there and that you want to connect with them.  Find somewhere quiet to sit and with your mind open, silently trust them and talk to them.  Let the m know that you want to see them and hear from them.  This is like meditation except you are purposefully connecting to your spirit guide.  They will get closer to you when you purposefully contact them and ask them to be close to you.

In Tune

It is important to know that you will never be alone and that your spiritual guide and spirit team will always be there to help you out.  They will come in all areas of your life to know you and to take care of you.

Having spirit guides is a joyful thing because they will help you to make hard decisions and help you to move on when it is not a good opportunity for you.

The spirit guides will not judge you and they will work together with you to bring you happiness and to give you answers when you ask questions.

Always be in tune with them and listen for them to show you things.  Messages come in all forms and sometimes in symbols so if you are open to them and always listening, you will hear what they want you to know.

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