Talking to the Dead

Talking to the Dead

People all over believe that it is possible to talk to the dead from psychics to doctors. When you go through a grieving process, sometimes you might think that you are hearing from your dead loved one and you might wonder if you are imagining it or if you are hallucinating. The experiences can cause your family to think that you are crazy.

If you have felt that a dead loved one is talking to you, you aren’t crazy, they are probably trying to communicate with you. Here are some ways that you can increase your life even when you are grieving.

Read Books

Take time to read books about the afterlife. Doing this can help you to understand what exists and what doesn’t exist. As you know, you cannot see wind, radio waves or other things and so when you aren’t able to “see” spirits, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. The energy is still there even if their body departed.

Spirits are the same as they were in life and even if they have no body, it doesn’t change what their spirit is. The only thing is that they no longer have the sickness with them.

Seeing Signs

There are signs that you can know that your loved one is reaching out to you such as smelling their perfume, seeing feathers or coins, hearing a song play on the radio that they loved or experiencing things moving or other paranormal things.

Keep your vibrations high if you want to hear from them by thinking of the memories that you have that made you have peace. Your loved one can come and meet you in these memories.

Keep the Relationship Alive

The relationship that you will have after your loved one passes is different than the one that you had on earth, but you can talk to a medium and they can help you to communicate with their spirit. You can do things like put an object out and call one “yes” and one “no” and then ask questions that can make them answer the questions.

You can even use your hands and see if you have temperature changes or a tingling sensation when you ask questions. You can also set out visuals such as a cup of tea and see if it moves or if you are able to see different things when you talk to your loved one.

The better you communicate the more you will get messages. You should record these messages or write them down. If you are someone who is visual, focus on the different colors and things around your body that you see.

Final Thoughts

Talking to your dead loved one can help you to combat grief and to move on in your life. When you miss them, know that you can communicate with spirits, and you can feel better and more at peace in your life.