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Talking to Your Loved Ones After They Pass

Talking to Your Loved Ones After They Pass

Some people believe that once someone dies that they are completely out of reach, and you cannot ever talk or engage with them again. They believe that they have no contact with people on the earth and they are not open to seeing signs that their loved ones might be trying to contact them.

Other people believe differently, and they believe that you can contact your loved ones once they die. Here are some things that different people believe:

  • That it is scary to talk in the spirit world.
  • There are people that have comfort in knowing that they can contact their loved ones after they die.
  • People are often jealous or hurt or angry when they cannot contact a spirit.
  • People that are afraid to talk to the spirit world believe that evil spirits will come to them if they do this.
  • Some believe that you should have boundaries when you are contacting spirits.
  • You can prepare yourself to receive messages from the spirit world.

If you believe that you can contact the spiritual world then you need to learn to listen to the communication that you are giving. You can communicate through taste, words, and images.  Here are some things you need to remember if you believe in this:

Be Quiet

When you talk to the spirit world you need to make sure that you are being quiet. This is a way that there can be peace.

Turn off the television and music and make sure that your phone will not go off. Sit in a place that is quiet and calm.

You don’t have to be in a convent, but you can be in a place where your mind is able to be quiet and you are able to hear different things.


You have to let the pain come out and you have to acknowledge the pain and hurt that you are feeling from your loved one dying. This can be something that is physically and emotionally painful for you.

If you want to be able to talk to the spirits, you cannot hide your feelings or try to bury them. You have to let your feelings come so that you can be more receptive to the spirit world.

Strong emotions can help you to find your spirits and be able to communicate with them. This happens because when your emotions are strong, your heart is more open.

Change the way that you look at things in your life. Do not let your ego be in charge. Imagine that you are looking at yourself and find out what kind of emotions are taking over your life. These can be feelings of being uncontrollable or hysterical. Calm down and do not yell and scream.

Conscious Mind Trances

You can learn to do different practices such as meditating, praying, yoga, hypnosis, and other things to keep yourself calm and to make your body rest. This can give you clarity in your mind and help you to go into a trance like state.

When you are in this mindset, you are more tuned into the spirit world and what is going on around you. Let your mind be turned off and get rid of mind chatter. This is part of your superconscious mind, and it can be a place where you have knowledge and peace. This is where your mind can be free and where you can connect with the spirit world.

This trance state is a place where you can feel relaxed and where you are at peace in your life. You will have your heart rate slow down but you won’t be asleep. This is a time where you are more aware of things around you.

Twilight State

After you meditate and visualize where you are, you can let your mind be relaxed. You can often feel tired, but you will be in a place where you are creative and awake, yet you will feel like you are sleeping. This can happen when you are meditating.

When you change from being awake to being partially asleep, you will see that you can stay in this space for as long as you want. It will help you to open the door to the spirit world. You can choose to do this in the morning or at night.

When you do this at night though remember that you might get too sleepy, and you might fall asleep. Sometimes it is best to do this once you have gotten a good night rest.

Talking to Nature

One of the best ways that you can do this is to communicate with nature. Nature can help you to see things in the now and to see the beauty of things as they happen. Go and look at the sunlight or the sunset or sunrise and meditate. Look at the flowers and listen to the birds. Go barefoot in the grass and feel completely alive.

Visit places where you can take nature walks and where you can bring nature with you. Love being in nature and let the spirit of your inner child come out. This will open up your senses and help you to feel the world around you. You will be able to see, hear, smell, taste and feel nature around you.


When you want to connect with the spirit world, you can do this by reconnecting with nature and with your own life. You can calm your mind and your body and learn to listen to what the spirit world has to tell you.

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