Talking to Your Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal

Your spirit animal is who you are, and they reflect you. They come to you and give you wisdom and they represent your energies. The traits that you have often reflect your spirit animal. These are there to help teach you and guide you and they often have a message for you.

Animal Strengths

When you need to work with your spirit animal you will see that they can help to ground you and help you to be more confident in your life. If you are looking for a new job, they will be there to support you and guide you.

Who is My Spirit Animal?

Spirit animals will share your energy and it will be an animal that you are attracted to, but you don’t know why. This will not always just be one animal, but it can be many animals that are there to teach you and guide you.

You might have an animal that you are already attracted to but if you don’t feel that connection, here are some ways you can activate your spirit animal connection.


Take time each morning to meditate and to talk to your spirit animal. Show it that you are aware of its presence and that you want it to come to you.

You will start seeing this animal everywhere such as artwork, in real life or on television. Your animal wants you to see it and it will do what it can to get your attention.


Once you start meditating you can learn to connect with your spirit animal. They will allow you to communicate with them and to know what they are thinking and feeling.


Your spirit animal might show up in your dreams. Before you go to sleep, set your intentions on dreaming of your spirit animal, and ask it to come to you.

Ask it to bring you wisdom and to guide you.

Do this each night before you go to sleep until your spirit animal comes to you and shows you who it is.

Oracle Cards

One way to connect with your spirit animal is through your oracle cards.  There is even a wild animal spirit deck that you can draw cards from to find out who your guide is. You need to look at the reference book for the oracle cards and find out what the cards mean. Use your intuition when drawing cards.

When you draw a card, see how the animal makes you feel. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, this can be something in your life that you are avoiding. Look at the card and see how the animal connects with you.

Act It Out

You can use your intuition to act like your spirit animal. You can stand up tall and straight or be independent like your animal. You can do yoga poses or do what you can to connect with your spirit animal.

Dress Like It

Take time to change your wardrobe to dress like your animal. Wear the same colors that your animal is and be comfortable in your own skin. Find your inner animal and release it.

Eat Like It

You can even eat like your animal. If your animal is a vegetarian, eat vegetables. If it eats meat, try some new meat. Eat what you can to make your body feel good.

Birds will eat light and if your spirit animal is a bird, cut down on your eating that day.


Use guided or self-meditation and connect with your animal. You can take your animals energy and you can connect to their wisdom. This will keep you grounded and strong with your animal.

Let your animal protect you and guide you. Do not forget your connection with your animal and with the universe. Let the universe guide you on your journey and help you through your life.