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Telling the Future with Premonition Dreams

Telling the Future with Premonition Dreams

Have you ever been somewhere such as in a store or in a public place and you had someone talk to you like you were their best friend?  Even if you found it weird at the time or you questioned if they knew you or not, maybe there was a reason for this chance meeting.

Cry for Help

Chances are that you will meet someone and then you will forget about them. What happens though when this person that you had met comes in your dream?

If you see someone in your dream and the dream is terrible such as a car accident or a plane crash, this could be a sign. Maybe in the accident there was chaos and you were just watching things happen.

When you see this person that you met in passing in your dream, it can be a sign. Maybe in the accident this person was not harmed and maybe when they come towards you in the dream, they are afraid or scared. Maybe they cry and run to you.

Chances are you will turn around and no longer see them but still might see the chaos around you or maybe the dream changed and there was nothing but beauty around you.

This kind of dream can straddle you and cause you to feel that you just had a crazy dream. It can cause you to ponder what it meant and maybe down the road you forget that dream too, just like the person you passed.

What happens if you have had a dream and then you later find out that the person that you talked to in passing actually died in the same manner of the dream that you had?

This has happened to many people and sometimes the dream might come before the accident or even after it has happened. Even if you have only met this person once, this dream could have led you to believe that you dreamed of the final moments of them, even if you did not know them.


Sometimes you might have dreams that are meant to warn you. Maybe nothing had happened to you and you were scheduled to be somewhere or scheduled to do something but then right before you go, you have a terrible dream of something going wrong.

Maybe you begged people to listen to you and they wouldn’t, and then bad things happened such as someone dying or someone getting into some kind of accident.

Deaf Ears

When these kinds of dreams and premonitions happen, it can be scary for people, especially people that do not understand the power of dreaming. This can cause people to feel unsettled and to not be able to understand what just happened.

When you tell someone to listen to you, even based on a dream and they do not, chances are the dream could come true. Even if someone feels this dream is meaningless, it could be a dream that could have saved the life of someone.


These types of dreams often come as warnings and when no one will listen to you, it could cause there to be disaster or worse.

If you have a dream that is upsetting, tell someone and hope that they will listen. By doing this, chances are you will save the life of someone.

The reason that this happens is because dreams can come to people because of special psychic gifts that we have. Some dreams come in the form of future telling and these kinds of dreams are there to help us to warn others and to show them the right direction.


Having premonition dreams can change your life and can change the lives of those around you. When you have these dreams and people will listen, it could save someone’s life but when they do not, it could be disastrous.

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