The Final Reincarnation


If you are someone that believes in reincarnation, then you might wonder what happens to the soul during this time. The soul is the part of the body that never dies, and many believe that the soul will go through different processes and end up in different bodies.

What happens though when the soul goes through its final reincarnation? Once reincarnation happens, the soul will reunite with another family, and this happens on an astral plane. There are many people that will be part of this family, and this can be different soulmates.

Once the soul has reunited with all of the people that the universe has put in their life, they will finish their soul journey. There are two more stages that they have to go through to finish the journey and these take place in the spiritual world and not the physical.

Transcendental Soul Stage

This is the stage that is considered the sixth stage. During this stage, the causal plane gives them an understanding of the family group that they have been reunited with on the physical form. This is the time that the soul is reintegrated and anything that was fragmented now leaves.

Teachings show that the souls in this stage are completing their journey. Some believe that more than 1,000 souls have already completed this. This is a time that the individual is still there, but their conscious mind unites with their energy and nothing else matters. They are finally in a place where they have reached their goodness.

The soul at this level will not need to reincarnate again because they have already met their soul family. This is often called the Michael teachings and there are some that have reached this journey such as:

  • Gandhi.
  • Mohammed.

People that reach this stage have moved to their tantric center and they are able to bring energies into their life.

Infinite Soul Stage

The last stage is the seventh stage, and this is when the conscious mind will connect with the eternal world. This is called Tao. At the end of this stage the soul is one that is creative and that is part of the universe. This is a final place and is bliss and evolution that is needed.

The soul will not need to reincarnate in this stage either but sometimes they will go back to the physical world to manifest or to shift their consciousness to help others.

Manifestation can be done at this level because this is the Infinite soul level, and this is a place of unity, love, and truth.  There are some that have reached this stage such as:

  • Buddha
  • Krishna

The infinite soul represents the universal plane, and it is a place of beauty for the soul. The Infinite soul is one that will have been born and their personality will be one that is self-realized and one that has had an abundance of energy. They are able to manifest in this stage completely or partly.

When the soul is in this stage, they are fully able to manifest love, unity, and truth. This is the final stage and is one that will allow the person to be free forever of their bodies.


  1. This interpretation of the soul’s journey provides a comforting framework for understanding life and afterlife. It’s interesting how the emphasis is placed on unity, love, and truth during the final stages of the soul’s evolution.

    • I agree that the focus on positive virtues like love and truth is appealing. However, I wonder how these teachings address the diversity of human experiences and the different paths individuals might take.

  2. The concept of the soul progressing through various stages until it reaches an ultimate form of unity and truth is intriguing. The mention of historical figures like Gandhi and Buddha adds a sense of credibility to these teachings, though I wonder about the empirical evidence supporting such claims.

  3. The article presents a fascinating view of the soul’s journey through reincarnation and eventual enlightenment. I am curious about how these ideas align with different religious and philosophical traditions around the world.

  4. While the article is thought-provoking, I question how universal these concepts are. Are the stages of the soul’s journey universally accepted across different cultures, or are they specific to certain spiritual traditions? More context might help in understanding these ideas more comprehensively.

  5. The two stages—Transcendental and Infinite—are particularly well-delineated. I appreciate the clear stages and how each phase represents a different level of spiritual attainment. The idea of souls not needing to reincarnate after reaching a certain level is a compelling thought.


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