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Essentially, channeling means receiving messages or other communication from the spirit world and translating these messages to people on this plane of existence. It is exactly like working as a translator, but instead of interacting with two different cultures, you are working with two different phases of consciousness.

The act of channeling itself, involves someone’s physical body being used by a spirit for communication. Throughout history, shaman, prophets and other spiritual masters have communicated with the spirit world.

Today, these channelers are sometimes known mediums. The medium communicates with spirit guides who, in turn, help them to communicate with the other side. The channeler can interact with the other side without being consciously aware of it.

Some channelers can also communicate with more highly evolved spirits. These spirits can pass on universal wisdom to then be communicate with the world at large. Famous medium Edgar Cayce would release control of himself and allow the spirits to take over temporarily. The spirits then would communicate through him. Cayce would return to himself, unaware of the predictions he had made .
Some channelers use tools to help guide their energy. They can use cards, gemstones and crystal balls. Some use other talents such as the varying levels of clairvoyance. Channelers are very sensitive and blessed with the ability to empathize with others. They can reach out to the spirits who may be around us.

Almost everyone has an inherent level of psychic ability. This ability can be nourished and developed with commitment and dedication. If you wish to develop your own ability, you should work with a trusted, reputable psychic. You should also give yourself some time to sit and meditate. This meditation, when practiced regularly can develop your concentration, which you will need if you are to develop your psychic talents.

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