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Tied Up In A Life Ties Or A Soul Mate?

Do you have past life connections with some of the people you know? You cared for? There are a gazillion people in the world but have you ever felt connected with those who passed away? or maybe feel some connections from those you’ve never met? sounds weird right? There are the obvious connections in your everyday life. Your family and friends, co-workers – those who are close to you. But is it possible to have connections with people you’ve never met? It is very possible. If you are aware of the principles of karma and the reincarnation cycle, then you know that your current life as well as your past lives have intersected with a variety of people. 

When you die, your astral and causal body goes forth into your next lifetime, making connections with various other causal bodies along the way. It is these connections that can have an influence on your current life as well as your future lives.
There are two types of connections that you can make in your lives.

Life Ties

Life Ties are connections that you make with people throughout your life. They could be friends, family or even a stranger. You can make connections with these people in either a negative or positive way. These connections will have a respectively-characteristic impact on your current life. Life ties are like an imprint, a shoe print if you will, on your continuing life path.

Soul Mates

Soul Mates are those who are not only leaving an imprint on your life path, but are taking that path with you. You are connected with them deeply. Although most assume a soul mate is someone who you have a romantic relationship with, this isn’t necessarily true. A soul mate is simply someone who is open to your soul, whether it be friend, family member, or lover. It is quite possible to have more than one soul mate, so there is no need to fear that since it’s already happened, it will never happen again.

The reincarnation cycle allows for multiple life ties and soul mates to occur. It is important to embrace these connections and learn from them. This is what will help you to advance along on your continuing path.

Why connect with your past lives through past life regression and/or past life readings?

Past life readings allow you to understand fully what has come before. And by understanding this, you can understand how to open your soul and appropriately direct your current life. This will allow you to become more contented with your life.  Examination of your soul as well as the rest of your being serves to make your present and future lives more enriching. It also allows you to be able to connect with life ties and soul mates. Your life ties and soul mates may be different in this life then they were in the past, but you can recognize the aspects of their essences that drew you to them in the first place.

Cherish your past lives and all they have to offer your current and future lives.

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