Tips to Prepare You for a Psychic Reading

Tips to Prepare You for a Psychic Reading

If you are looking to receiving information from the spirit world, consider visiting a medium.  These psychics can interpret messages for you in order to help you create the best possible path forward for yourself.  It can be a bit nerve wracking to get your first reading, here are some helpful tips to ensure you stay grounded.

  1. Maintain an open mind: This is a time to restart your meditation practice to help quiet your mind.  By creating peace within you, you are fostering a healthy environment for spiritual energies to resonate in your life.  Keep in mind the spirits will pop in during a reading in the order they want to come through, so be prepared to hear from a vivacious aunt before getting to spend some quality time with your low-key late father.  Take notes during these interactions because something might not make sense in the moment, but after speaking with another loved one, things might suddenly click!  This is especially true when a spirit references a recent hobby or event in your life as a way to show you that they are still keeping tabs on you.
  2. Focus on your questions: Medium will be focus on interpret symbols they are seeing or words they are hearing in order to pay along messages.  Therefore, you need to keep track of what pressing questions you want to have addressed.  It can be difficult to ask questions of the medium since they are focused on “listening” to messages, so be patient and wait for an appropriate break.
  3. Ask for signs: Sometimes it can be tricky for mediums to connect to your desired loved one.  Keep positive and remember the timing might just be off.  Thank the medium and any deceased loved ones that showed up and try again at a later date.  Before the session ends ask for specific and impactful signs such as “Send me a black crow.”  You will marvel at how that crow will show up when you least expect it, but most need it!