Traveling While You Dream

Traveling While You Dream

Dreaming is a part of every culture and even as children, some people have taught them that they need to keep up with their dreams and know that their dreams have a deeper meaning than they understand. Some believe that a dream will keep your soul path and will help you to have a new idea on where you want your life to go.

The body is a physical being but there is also that part of the body that is spiritual and that is the part of the body that is the astral part. This is part of the universe and is where the body will travel when you are sleeping or meditating.

In some cultures, this is when the body travels through different worlds so that they can help to solve problems or to learn to appreciate things in life.

Seeing Dreams

Scientists often believe that dreams are just a collection of thoughts or experiences that people have had but people that are spiritual see dreams in different ways. Some see that dreams are messages from the universe and that they are sent to the soul so that the soul can find the path it is supposed to take.

A dream can also be a warning and it can be a pregnant dream that shows when something bad is going to happen in the future or something to avoid.

Soul Travel

According to different cultures and traditions, there are different places that the soul will travel such as through different worlds, countries, spaces, and dimensions. When the soul travels, the spirit will get information from the places that it goes, and it is important to write these things down.


Soul traveling or astral projection is something that is not unusual in some cultures. Here are some things that could happen in a soul travel dream:

  • Go to a different dimension.
  • Go to a different time.
  • See the past.
  • See the future.
  • Meet soul ties.
  • Learn about different places.
  • Learn about different cultures.

When you want to soul travel, it is important that you have an open mind and an open heart. Soul travel can happen when you want it to, and you just have to work towards finding what level of meditation or what level of sleep that you need to get there.

If you need help with astral projection or soul travel, ask your spirit guides to help you to find the right way to experience this and what to do when you do.