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Understanding Channeling and Mediums

downloadSince the dawn of civilization, we have always made a concerted effort to communicate with the spiritual realm. Mystical practitioners specialized in this art, acting as receivers of the messages sent from the other side. Nowadays we call these mystics “mediums”. The act of communicating with the spirit world is called “channeling”.

To open the pathways of communication, most mystics engage is some form of meditation. Meditation  creates mental focus, elevating the medium’s mind until they can hear and understand spiritual messages.

Channeling can look different for different mediums. Some go into a trance-like state, speaking and using the mannerisms of the spirit they connect to. Some mediums receive messages telepathically, as in directly into the mind. They are then able to vocalize these messages to others.


As magical as this sounds, it is not an exact science. Spirits still have free will, and do not always respond when called upon. And in many cases, the response you get may not correspond to the question you first asked. They offer what they feels must be shared, and the relevance to you may not be apparent right away.

Because our plane and the spiritual plane of existence are on such different levels, it may be difficult for the medium or you to understand the message that is sent. This depends on how close the spirit and medium can get to the same wavelength of energy. It really depends mostly on the spirit, because the living can only vibrate so high. We have our limits on this plane of existence. The spirit may or may not lower it’s vibrations to meet the medium in the middle. You can always try again at another time and see if the lines of communication are clearer then. Channeling is a talent and a skill, but by no means is it an exact science.

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