Understanding Past Life with Tarot

Past Life with Tarot

Tarot cards are a deck of cards that psychics and other people often used to help them to understand what is going on in their lives. They can take the cards and find out the meanings of the cards and how they affect them in some way or another.

The cards are there, and they are full of symbols, colors, and messages. This can help you to discover who you are as you use your own intuition to guide you as to what the cards mean.

Tools of Divination

Tarot cards are tools of divination just like numerology, astrology or more. They are a tool that can help the psychic or yourself to connect with the spiritual world and to give you answers that you need.

Tarot cards are designed to give you answers through symbols and meanings and they are full of colors and pictures. There are Major Arcana cards that have 22 and there are Minor Arcana cards with 56 cards and four suits. Each are part of the zodiac and will give meanings and directions.

Understanding Your Past Life

It is important that you understand your past life. If you believe in reincarnation, you believe that you have a soul that has been in different bodies. If you have things that you don’t understand about yourself, getting a past life reading with tarot cards might help you.

  • Fear and Trauma

A past life reading can help you to understand the fears you have and the trauma that is associated with these fears. You might see that you have issues and that you need to learn how to face them. Use tarot cards to help you get there.

  • Talents

Past life readings can help you to know the talents that you have and to understand why you are able to do certain things. Some people can do things that they have never been taught and this could be why.

  • Relationships

A past life reading can help you to understand the patterns of your relationships. Maybe you keep going into the same messes and you want to know why.

  • Purpose

Use this kind of reading to find your life purpose and the reasons that you are on the journey that you are on.

  • Past and Future

The things that you see in your life can help you to understand who you are and why. If you are looking at your past, you can see that it can even help you to get past this and to look towards your future. The behaviors that you have and the patterns that you have can give you meaning to your life.

When themes keep coming up, chances are that you might need to get a reading to understand this more.

Tarot Cards and Past Life

You can use the tarot cards or get a tarot card reading to understand your past life even better.

Past Life Tarot Spread

There are different tarot spreads that you can use to find out who you were in the past. You can ask questions about your death and about who you were and how you lived. This is a good place to start if you are getting a reading.

This kind of spread doesn’t have to be done in one sitting and you can do part of it and then come back to it later. The more that you meditate over the information that you get, the better the outcome can be for you.

The spread can have a lot of symbolism and imagery and it might take time for you to meditate over the information that comes to you. This is a time that you can explore yourself and your own readings.

Doing a Past Life Tarot Spread

Find a place where you can relax and that you can ease your mind. Meditate for a few minutes and ask your spiritual guides to guide you and to help you to get the answers that you need.

Once you are in a quiet place and in the right state of mind, shuffle the cards. Do this until you feel that you are done and then pick 8 cards. Leave them face down and then as you turn the cards over, see what they mean.

  • Card 1

This card is the gender card. This should be a symbol for you. There are people that see gender as fluid, but the first position should be your appearance of your gender.

  • Card 2

This card will mean your family. It shows the relationship that you have with your family and how important family is to you.

  • Card 3 and 4

These cards are your inner and outer personality. It will show things about who you are such as if you are kind, giving, a go-getter or if you spend your life doing certain things. These are traits that might have changed over time. The inner personality is the ones that reveal who you are and how people around you see you.

  • Card 5

This card shows your life events that are important. It can help you to understand where you are in your life now.

  • Card 6

This is the impact card. It is what has affected you over the past lives. Were you a queen or a king? This is a card that can mean you were powerful or someone that was lowly.

  • Card 7

This card is the life lessons that you learned in your past life and how they affected you. You have learned things, and this is telling you what lessons you have learned.

  • Card 8

This is the death card. This will show you how you died in your past life. This can be an emotional card and it can be part of who you are spiritually.

Past Life Tarot Reading

You might see that you need to know about your past life, and you can find out what the cards mean. Here is an example of what a past life reading might look like:

  • Card 1: Gender

This card can be the World Tarot card, and this can mean that your gender, if you are a woman, is female. It can show that you have a beginning or an end to a cycle. This means that you have a lot of karma to work for and if you have lived many lifetimes then you need to continue on your soul journey to make up for the karma.

  • Card 2: Family

This can be the Lovers card, and this can speak about who you are as a husband or a wife. It can tell you that you have a union with your husband that is peaceful, and you have found your soulmate. This can be a lover that is shown naked, and it can be someone that is shown in royalty.

  • Card 3: Personality

This could be the Empress card and it is one that sees a strong lady that is the head of her home. This is someone that is influential and can change the world around them. If you want to help others, then you can do this because of your financial or social situation.

  • Card 4: Inner Personality

If you draw the Ace of Cups card with this, it can mean that you are trying to get advice and you want to be creative and see new things. It can also mean you want to make a difference in someone else’s life.

  • Card 5: Event

This can also be the Ace of Swords card and it can mean that you need to change the way that you are thinking to something new. It can shift your thoughts and cause you to look at the world differently. You might want to help others by doing humanitarian work and to make a difference. It is part of who you are in your spiritual self and the duty that you owe the world.

  • Card 6: Impact

This can be the Judgement card and that can mean that it has caused you to have a shift which means that you have to look deep in yourself. You might need to forgive someone or to do something that changes the way that the world works.

  • Card 7: Lesson

If you draw the Two of Pentacles in this, it can mean that you need to change something in your life and you need to figure out what lessons that you have learned. What has made a difference in you? Learn to take action and to be brave to make changes that can help you learn the lessons at hand.

  • Card 8: Death

When the Eight of Swords is drawn it can mean that you feel that you are prisoner in your mind. It can mean that things are blocking you from getting knowledge or that older age has stopped you from being able to think about things. It can see that you are confused or that you have some kind of mental illness. This might be a time that you have died a positive or negative life.


The reading can give you an idea of who you were in a past life. It can show if you were married or if you were someone that stayed single. It can show you if you have conflicts or if you were peaceful. Did you die of old age peacefully or were you someone that was killed or murdered?

You can get this tarot reading and you have to trust the cards and the ideas behind the cards. The themes that show up can help you to understand your life and to have healing in your situations.

As you see the lessons that you learned and the things that came with your journey you will be able to figure out the lessons that you learned and what they taught you.


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