Understanding the Law of Karma and How it Relates in Your Life

Law of Karma

Karma is something that not many people understand, and it can be scary for some. Some believe this is a punishment for something that they have done wrong, and that the consequence of their actions means that it will be wrath upon them.

What is Karma?

Karma is a Sanskrit word that means “action.” The Law of Karma tells you that everything that you do has a consequence. This means that what you sow you will reap. The actions that you choose will bring you peace and happiness or will bring you hardships.

Whatever you do, you will experience the effect. This means that karma is a good and bad thing, and it is the same for every person. This is a structural element of life and part of a spiritual tradition.

Ask yourself what you want in your life and what kind of relationships you want to have. Do you want peace and harmony or something else?

Understanding Karma and Choices

The law of karma tells us that you need to be aware of all the choices that you make. Your life will always have some choices and it is part of your conscious and unconscious mind. The more aware you are of your choices, the better your karma can be. You want to make good choices to get the results in life you want.

Choices are the key to everything that you do because this is where your karma comes from. You need to learn to deal with your past and your present life and make sure that you are making choices that help you to see the world good and helps you to be able to have good relationships.

The choices that you make that are not good will cause you to experience negative things. This can be pride, greed or not reaching your higher self. This can happen because of what you eat and what you listen to, or even bad habits that you have. If you are always eating unhealthy foods and not taking care of your body, you are causing yourself to build up negative karma.

You have to love and respect your body and make unconscious choices on how to keep yourself healthy and strong.

Using Karma to Break the Cycle

Karma is a tool that you can use to impact you in a posited way. No matter how old you are, you can bring karma that is good to your life. This can help you to change your life and to make good choices.

Look at the choices that you have made and make sure that you are listening to your mind and your body. This will give you power to do better in your life.

Right Actions

When you are going to do something, ask yourself what consequences will your choices have, and will it bring you and those around you peace and happiness?

There are infinite choices that you can make but only the right choices will bring you peace and happiness. Take the right action at the right time and know what action will bring you goodness.

Body Clues

Pay attention to your body. Your body will help you to know if you are making good choices. Listen to what your intuition is telling you and your sensations. If you feel discomfort, this can be a sign of a bad choice.

Find sensations in your body that make you feel good. See if your stomach feels right and your heart. Ask your heart to guide you and give you intuition.  Recognize that you have power inside of you.

Using the Law of Karma

You can use the law of karma to get things that you desire. You can get money and peace and harmony. This can be physical and spiritual.

The law of karma is easy. You have to pay attention to your actions and be aware of the choices that you are making right away.

The more you are aware of your choices, the better you will make right actions which will give you joy and peace. You will see that this helps all around you too.

Getting Rid of Past Karma

Now that you understand doing better, focus on what is going on in your life. What karmic actions do you need to take to make sure you get rid of negative actions?

When you do not handle your past karma, it will keep coming back to you. The law of karma works, and you have to pay back for your actions that were negative in your life.

Breaking the Cycle

Change your karma by doing things that are good. When you have something negative happen in your life, let this be done with goodness and happiness in your heart. Even if it is painful, it is something that is part of your suffering to pay back your debt. You might not understand that your past actions caused this suffering, but you have to break out of this pattern.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What can I learn from what is happening to me?
  • Why is this happening to me?
  • What is the universe trying to tell me?
  • How can I make this experience good?

When you ask yourself these things, you are able to move on in your life and you can see that this pain brings something positive to you. Find a way so that you can help yourself and other people in your life.

One thing you can do to get rid of karma is write down when things happen to you. This can help you to reflect on your life and what has gone wrong.

Changing Old Patterns

you have to make sure that you change your old patterns and behavior. Take time to meditate and think about things in your life. Quiet your mind and learn to listen. Build up your self and spirit so you can move forward.

You can work on old karma so that you can understand how your actions have caused things and so you can make the decision to stop doing things that causes bad karma. When you do this, you know to not break promises and to not be negative.

Take time to do something positive. The more positive you are, the more you pay off your past debt. By becoming a better choice maker, you learn to understand that your actions can help you to beat bad karma. It can help you to build up yourself and to find happiness and success in your life.

Commitments to Make

Here are some commitments you can make to bring good karma to your life:

  • Choose to make good choices. Be aware of what you are doing at all moments.
  • When you make a choice, find out what the consequences are going to be of the choice you make.
  • Ask your heart to guide you and to comfort you or to show you discomfort when you are making poor choices.


Learn to make better choices so that your heart and your mind can be whole and free. Take action to make sure that you are being positive. Pay off any karmic debt that you have so that you can be free. Karma is there to be positive for you. This will help you to learn to treat yourself and others better and to create peace and harmony in your life.