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Understanding the Spiritual Message of Numbers

There are many reason people gravitate towards a certain number.  You may have warm memories of growing up at a certain address or found a sport jersey to be lucky.  Numbers also have spiritual meaning too that yield insight into your personality or serve as messages from the spirit realm.  Once you tap into the power of numbers, you’ll notice all the ways they appear in your life for the better!

Angels in particular love to send repetitive numbers as means of assisting you on your early journey and a sign that they are always with you.  This is because numbers are a universal language that conveys the Divine’s support of you.  Angel numbers, as these patterns are known present in a variety of ways.  Consider all the times you see the clock at exactly 11:11 or 4:44. How about the times you receive a bill for $7.77?

Below we have compiled a list of the meaning behind each of these angel numbers:


Now is the time to manifest an action!  This sequence urges you to closely notice your intentions and if it is what you truly want as supposed to something that you worry may or may not occur.  When you see 111, your angels are encouraging you to meditate or create a vision board to become clear on what truly matters to you.


Find balance in your life.  Now is the time to get grounded and become mindful, yet peaceful about all the facets in your life.  The angels are nudging you to own your truth and remain strong to what matters.


Unite with your spirituality and Higher Self:  Three is deep spiritual properties especially due to its associate with the Christian Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost/Spirit).  When you see 333 the spirit realm is asking you to align more fully with your Higher Self.  This pattern can also be a sign that your efforts are working and your angels are there to support you.


Cosmic green light, that you are on the right track!  Your spirit guides and angels are telling you that you are doing what is best for you at the moment.  The spirit realm is also signaling to you to keep honoring your intuition and that things will work out for you in the end.


A need for release:  Seeing 555 signifies it is time to identify aspects no longer benefiting you and releasing them from your life.  This is especially true of lingering doubts and fears.  Instead, trust that your angels are working to bring you something better in the near future.  Releasing old patterns or thoughts creates space for growth and new opportunities.


Not a number you should fear:  Typically, people see this number and think of it being tied to the devil.  There is actually a lot of spiritual power in 666.  Seeing this number signals your thoughts are off-kilter or you have been struggling energetically.  Perhaps you have been ruminating over a past hurt or have felt jealous at someone else’s success.  Now is the perfect time to mediate and reconnect with your inner wisdom.  Notice how this brings a sense of grounding and peace into your life.  You may also choose to work with your angels or spirit guides on cleansing your aura.


Patten of intensified spirituality:  Seeing this pattern may signify you are getting so intuitive that you are on the verge of an awakening, either spiritually or psychically.  Your angels or spirit guides could also be sending you this number to urge you to undergo spiritual growth, and are here to assist you in this metamorphosis.


A message of love and support from your angels and guides:  Seeing this sequence is like getting a cosmic high-5 or celebration from your guides.  You are being sent messages of love, success, praise and accommodations for all your hard work and growth.  It also encourages you to remain positive in all situations and always trust your intuition.


A powerful message of closure and new impending opportunities:  Closure can be a good thing as it creates space for you to explore new passions or discover a new path towards your soul’s purpose.  Spiritual beings can send you this pattern as a call to embark on higher vibrations work and spread goodwill.  If you are frequently seeing this sequence ensure you are spending ample time mediation or getting psychic reading to gain more insight about your destiny or ways to optimize alignment between your mind, body, heart, and soul.

Importance of single digits

Although we have spent a lot of time discussing repeating numbers, a single digit can convey powerful significance.  Simply put, repeating a number serves to amplify its impact so they are more commonly discussed.

Significance of combined or non-repeating numbers

Spiritual beings also send messages in the form or combined number patterns.  Perhaps you have constantly spotted the number 251 during your travels, to understand its impact add up the numbers – 2+5+1 =8.  As previously discussed, 8 is a number rich with encouragement and empowerment from your guides.

When you identify a number or sequence at the “right” time, or keep constantly encountering it, pay close attention and write it down to reflect on what messages it might be trying to send you.  Consider using this time to meditate and commune with your angels or guides for feedback on action steps you should take.  Journal all your insight and reflect on your entries as needed.  If need be, receive a psychic reading for additional guidance.  Finally, celebrate the fact you are seeing and aware of these messages, it signifies your connection to your spiritual family and they ways they are trying to provide love and support in your life.

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