What A Medium Does and What Skills They Have

What A Medium Does and What Skills They Have

Psychics and mediums are not the same as they are seen in movies and even though they are considered fictional characters, the truth is that they are there, and they are there to help you and share their skills with you.

What is a Medium

A medium is a psychic that is able to communicate with the spirit world and if you choose to get a mediumship reading, you will get a message from the dead and it will be told through the living medium.

There are two different kinds of mediums and one is a physical medium and the other is a mental medium.

Mental Medium

A mental medium is one that is able to communicate with the dead by hearing things or by having visions. They are often able to have the spirit control them and to hear them speak through them.

A medium might use writing as a way to communicate with the spirit and they do this, and it is called automated writing.

Physical Medium

A physical medium is one that is able to use their body to give to the spirit so they can talk through them. They use their energy by making noises and materials.

Why Talk to a Medium

If you have lost a person or an animal, it can be hard for you to stop grieving and move forward in your life. Maybe you had a problem with them when they died or maybe you weren’t able to say goodbye when they left you. No matter what the reason is, some people have a hard time letting go.

When this is different for different people, losing someone that you love can be hard and the medium is there to help you to stop grieving and to be able to move forward in your life.

Nothing is harder than losing a loved one and a medium can help you to connect with them. A medium can also help you connect with your past life if you need to.

History of the Medium

A medium has been around for many years and they used to be called shamans. This means that they would use their powers to talk to the spirit world.

This became popular in the US and the UK and mediums have become stronger and have become known as wellness coaches.


A psychic is able to take information and give you other information. They can use feelings and images to tell you about your past, present or future.

Some psychics have other gifts such as telepathy or clairvoyance.


A psychic is not always a medium, but a medium is always a psychic. This doesn’t mean that a medium can or cannot tell the future, it just depends on their giftings, but most mediums are there just to focus on the spirit world.

They are there to help to confirm the identity of the loved one after they die, and they use their abilities to do this. They use their intuition and their sixth sense in order to do a reading. A mediumship reading can mean that they are able to taste what the spirits taste, smell what the spirits smell or more.

Online Medium Reading

No matter what you believe, you can have a mediumship reading online. Even though face to face is easier and more known, a medium can connect with the spirits by phone or by online. This is a common thing that they do.

They can tune into the clients and they can use their voice to channel the spirits.

If you are afraid of seeing a medium, do not be afraid because it is nothing like the movies show you and it is very safe. Make sure you are careful how you ask your questions.

Preparing for a Reading

Do not go into a reading with a closed mind or if you be afraid or negativity because you will not be able to get the outcome that you want. If you are in a bad mood or you are having a bad day, you should wait for another day to do the reading.

Here are some things you can do to prepare for your reading:

  • Make sure you know who you are going to. Find someone that has good reviews.
  • Be opened to speaking to any of the spirits that show up.
  • Sometimes pets can come.
  • Ask open ended questions and not just yes or no questions.
  • Remember that you have to have an open mind and an open heart.
  • A reading can be hurtful if you are in a poor emotional state.

Are You a Medium?

There are some people that have the mediumship giftings and they might not know it. Here are some signs you might be a medium:

  • You feel the emotions of others when they come into the room.
  • You feel that you have seen spirits before.
  • You are afraid of the dark.
  • You see things out of the corner of your eye.
  • You have dreams and you have a hard time sleeping.
  • You hear strange noises when you are alone at home.
  • You have a change of energy.
  • You feel that people are watching you.
  • You have strange experiences.
  • You talk to animals.
  • You see the lights go on and off when you are in the room.

Developing Your Gifts

If you think that you are a medium, you want to do what you can to develop your giftings. You can do this by listening to yourself and believing in yourself. If you feel the spirits around you, here are ways you can develop your giftings:

  • Learn to believe in yourself and listen to the intuition that you have.
  • Do not be fearful of your gift.
  • Know that you are meant to have the gift and be peaceful.
  • Take time to practice your gifts by trying to imagine what people are thinking or doing.
  • Take time each day to meditate.
  • Talk to mediums that you have met that can help you to learn to develop your gifts.