What Happens After Death



It is a question that has occurred to all of us; is there an afterlife where we will be free of our suffering and strife?

Sometimes when can communicate to the spirit world through a medium and they tell us what it is like to pass over.  The medium will be able to sense this process but won’t feel exactly what they person felt, otherwise they would be overwhelmed by the many, many deaths they have to endure over their careers.  But they do get to feel the joy and happiness as the spirit leaves the body. This means that the passing over is complete.

But what will we take with us?

Pain from Illness

nintchdbpict000130456803When you pass over, your pain will not only be gone, but you will fell as if you were never ill.  Everything that held you back in this life will disappear.  It is said that when death comes near, one becomes totally at ease and completely confident as suffering comes to an end.  This is also seen in the animal world.  It may stem from a belief that comes to us from Europe that an animal will go off to die on their own rather than burden us with their passing.

Knowing that all will be well can alleviate any fears or traumas we associate with losing our lives.

According to Ram Dass

The famed 1960’s guru Ram Das told a story to help describe the inner turmoil one may feel as they are making their transition from one side to the next. In the story he tells that a young woman was terminally ill. Her mother stayed vigilant at her side, and despite the young woman’s pleas would not let her go.   It was only when her mother was out of the room that the young woman was able to cross over.


Near Death Experiences

Some people have described that they have had a sense of release when they are almost gone. The human heart can stop beating and the brain can endure up to two minutes, leaving the body officially dead.  When the person is resuscitated, they  can tell about having left their body. They often tell about traveling through light before going on to the next world. These cases have some credence and have been investigated by a number of scientists.

There is some hope

It is those of us left behind that feel the most pain at the sight of their loved one’s body. This may stay with us for years. It makes us think of  our own mortality. It is part of our own human experience to feel sad, but we should take hope that we will all move on to a better experience.