What Happens to the Spirit After Suicide?

Spirit After Suicide

A medium is someone that is able to reach into the spiritual world and speak to spirits. One topic that often comes up is suicide. Mediums will sometimes be asked by family members to try and find out why their loved one would commit suicide and leave them.

Most of the spirits that passed away through suicide will want to apologize to their families for leaving them like they did. Here are some of the most known messages that spirits leave psychics when talking about their suicide:

  • I’m sorry I left you like I did.
  • I wish I had never committed suicide.
  • I never meant to hurt you.

No medium has ever reported having a spirit come and say that they were glad that they committed suicide.

Passing Through After Suicide

When a person commits suicide, here are some things that might happen to them in the spiritual world:

  • They might stay on the earth longer than other spirits.
  • They won’t be punished.
  • They will get to rest.
  • They can go and help other people that need help in the spirit.

Changes in Life

Sometimes you have to go through changes in life and taking your own life because of something temporary isn’t the answer. There are guides that can help you find your joy again and they can bring you peace.

Everyone goes through things in life, and these are things that are temporary. Even if things are bad, this will come to an end. When you go through something bad, the outcome will eventually become something positive.

Negative experiences are there to teach you things about your life and so that you can help others in the future. If you are thinking about committing suicide, you should reconsider this. You are worthy of love, and you are worthy of happiness. There are people in your life that will miss you if you leave them, especially this way. It leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

Finding Happiness

The first step to find your happiness is to know that there is hope in this life. There will never be a time where your hope is lost. Learn to be positive and to expect things to get better.

Those in the spiritual world know that when the angels speak, they can speak joy over you. This can help you to not want to leave this earth on your own.

Another way to be happy is to deal with the past and then to let it go. Things from your past can be hard and everyone has a past. The past is there because you have already done it and you can’t change it, learn to live with it and let it go.

If you are thinking about committing suicide, it means that you are surrounded by negative energy. You need to figure out how to change your thoughts and your emotions to be something positive and so you can feel better.

Thoughts and emotions can take away the peace that you have, and it can cause you to feel unhappy and upset. No matter where the thoughts come from, you need to find your inner peace and you need to learn to be thankful for things around you. Being thankful can help you to be more positive.

Getting a Reading

You can get a reading when you feel like you want to commit suicide and it can help you to find positivity and to change your mind path. You need to use positive affirmations that can lift up your spirit.

The spirit world has given you thoughts that you can take your negative thinking and change it to something positive. Try and think positively, take time to rest and then eat something. You might just need to have a good snack to make you feel better.

When suicide comes to your mind, this can cause suffering to not only yourself but to those around you. This is why when spirits commit suicide that they normally come back and wish that they hadn’t done it because they caused so much suffering.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering suicide, you need to consider that this can be hurtful to those around you, and it can be a devastating thing. No medium has ever reported a spirit of being glad that they ended their own life. Please get help if you are having these kinds of thoughts.