What is Déjà vu Like?

What is Déjà vu Like?

Déjà vu is the feeling that you have done something or been somewhere, but you do not know why you feel that way. Most people have had this feeling at one time or another. It feels like you are somewhere that you have never been before but that you have been there. Confusing right?

Déjà vu Meaning

Déjà vu means “already Seen” in French and is an experience that you have already been somewhere. It was studied by a French scientist, Emile Boric in 1876 for the first time.

Why Does it Happen?

Some believe that Déjà vu happens because of our memories but some say it is a psychic gift. There are many believe that this has happened because we have been in past lives and now, we are seeing it for the first time in this life.

Precognition and Déjà vu

There is a difference between precognition and déjà vu. The difference is that precognition shows you what can happen in the future and déjà vu is something you have already experienced.

This is a sign that you are learning a lesson, or you have already learned a lesson, or it can mean something is not finished yet.

Déjà vu Differences

Maybe you have walked down a street or went to a building and you are sure you have seen it before. Maybe there are even people there that you remember meeting. This is one way to see Déjà vu happening.

Another thing that could happen is when you meet someone that you are sure you know. This could be someone from your past life that you are meeting again for the first time in this life. You will feel like you know this person or that you have known them forever. They could be a wife or a daughter in your past life. Learn to express happiness and joy with them.

Past Lives

Have you ever seen yourself doing something somewhere that you normally wouldn’t do? This could indicate that you have done this thing in your past life.

Maybe you visited a country that you have never been to before but when you got there you felt like you have been there before.

There are talents that you have that have come from your past life and this means that maybe you speak a language that you have never learned or maybe you are good at fishing and you have never been fishing before. These are all experiences of Déjà vu.


Déjà vu is a gift from the universe. This is meant to bring you peace and joy in your life. When you experience the feelings of déjà vu, you should already feel that something good is happening.

You might have guides that want to show you something and this is the way that they can get your attention. Ask your guides to protect you and you will be okay.

Learn to be aware of what you are doing, what you are feeling and what is happening in that moment. Learn that this can be a gift for you from the spirit world.