What Makes a Medium Successful?


Being a medium means that you are able to connect with the spiritual world and the souls around you. You can give messages to loved ones and you can sense what is going on when someone dies. When you pick up on things, you will be able to see the spirits personality and the business that they haven’t yet finished.

You might wonder if the person is in the military or if they worked for a certain company based on the uniform they were wearing. You might be able to see things that the person had on earth like a wheelchair or one carrying a fishing pole.

All of these things will become familiar to you if you are a medium and you can help to bring healing to families. One by one you can send messages to families that are longing for one last exchange with their dead loved one and this is what being a medium is.

Being a Professional Medium

There are many mediums that are gifted, and they are able to make their job and their career important to families all around the world. Not everyone will choose to be a medium though and they won’t choose to use their gift.

Here is how you can use your mediumship gift to help others:

  • Connection

Having the mediumship gift means that you can have a connection with the spirits. Not all psychics are able to have that gift, but some can hear, feel, and sense a spirit. This is a gift that you can use.

  • Helping Others

Mediums are there to help heal the grief of those that have lost loved ones and have unfinished issues. They can help by finding their purpose and by helping to give them messages that can get them through their life.

Some mediums have other jobs such as being doctors, therapists, healers, paramedics, and other jobs. They have a gift to help others.

  • Tuning In and Out

Mediums can make a connection, but they have to be able to tune in and out of the messages. This is what makes a medium a professional. They will have to learn to dedicate their time and energy to control the gifts that they have. Even though the spirit is in somewhat control, the medium can tune in and out of the spirit world and is the real one in control.

  • Protecting the Energies

A professional medium will have to know how to protect their energies. They have to be able to make sure that they can be protected whenever spirits show up, wherever they are.

  • Have Integrity

It is important that a medium has integrity so that they can care for and take hold of the feelings and energies of others. There are people that will see the medium in public and it isn’t ethical to just give these people a message without asking them.

You never know how someone will take a message from a medium and they might not be in a place where they can cry or say what they need to say. This can bring up emotions and feelings that are strong. It is important that a medium respects these ethics and that they are respectful of others.

  • Don’t Get Upset

It is important for a medium to not let people upset them. Not everyone will support you as a medium and some will talk badly about you or criticize you. There are always going to be sceptics, and this can even be someone important in your life such as a family member. Don’t let them upset you.

  • Opening the Heart

Mediums have to be able to open their heart up to the spirit world. They have to be able to make a connection.

  • Discipline

Mediumship takes practice and it takes time to develop. You have to be disciplined in order to really be able to reach into the spiritual world.

  • Style

As a medium, you should have your own style. You should find ways to reach into the spiritual world that you are comfortable with and find the style that helps you to be who you are.

  • Find Support

Find people in your life and your community that will support you through your endeavors. No matter what you do, you aren’t alone. Find like-minded people to talk to.

Being a Medium

If you are someone that has the above traits and skills, you are probably a professional medium. At the least, you have a gift inside of you that can help you to be able to get messages to people that are hurting and lost.

With the technology that is available now, you can do mediumship readings right from your home. Find a site that promotes this and can help you to set up your own way to do mediumship from wherever you are. People that have these strong gifts can market themselves and they can get the information that they need to take their skills to a new level.