What Mediums Should Know

What Mediums Should Know

When you are young and you practice mediumship, you will figure out that life can be unexpectant. You can pass people and see others and feel their soul and realize that someone is trying to connect with you in your spirit and soul. When this happens, you can see how great these abilities are and you will want to realize that you are meeting people for a purpose.

How can you approach them without upsetting them? You must realize that having these gifts can be scary to others and you have to be careful how you connect with them.

When you connect with the spirit world, you will learn to practice certain techniques and you will learn that you can mentor others and be mentored in order to have a strong connection with the spirit world. It is as important as living.

Being Sensitive

It is important that you do not think that television mediumships are always real. They are sometimes there to get the ratings boosted and sometimes they give a single message. When you are with someone that is upset over their loved one passing, you need to learn to be sensitive to them. Remember that they are vulnerable, and you have to be aware of that.

Some mediums do more than just seeing the dead, they are there to honor your giftings and to be sensitive and give you information that can help you heal and be stronger.

When a spirit sends a sign or a message, you need to listen to it carefully and know what they are teaching you and believe in them.

Spirit Space

When you first start out, you might not understand the spirit world but as you spend time with them, you will realize that the spirits are working inside of you and when you spend time together, you need to focus on them instead of focusing on the truth.

Use your spirit and build a strong foundation to prepare you and give a gift to those around you.

Tuning in and Out

Some new mediums are sometimes bothered with all of the messages that they receive, and many get emotional problems and sleeping disorders because of all of the brain chatter. You have to learn to control the messages that come in and out and learn to tune things in and out so that you can focus on doing what is best.

Television and Teachers

Nothing is as exciting as getting a healing message form a medium and you can find that when you are part of a reading that you can really be impacted on things. This can help you change your view of death.

Television mediums do not always give you the real answers and they do not always speak into the afterlife. Sometimes they sacrifice having integrity so they can have better ratings.


Being a medium is part of a lifestyle and it is someone that has many different things going on. There are healers, psychics, counselors and more and most of the mediums work in the spirit world. They want to share the good news and let others know that their loved ones are safe and secure.

If you want to be a medium or you already are and you want to increase your powers, take time to meditate and focus on the foundation of things you have learned. Remember to be kind and loving to others.