What to Say to a Medium


There are many people that will consult a medium when someone that they love has died. It can take months before you are able to talk to someone because of grief and sometimes this can leave you unsure of what to say.

When you say things like, “if I could only talk to them again,” or “I wish I had told them how much I loved them before they died,” then chances are that you are ready to talk to a medium. If you are someone that wasn’t able to talk to your loved one before they passed, reaching out to a medium can help.

How Can a Medium Help?

Here are some ways a medium can help you:

  • Get Rid of Grief

Grieving can be hard, and it is full of emotion. It can be hard for you to connect with your spiritual guides when you are grieving, and this means that you might miss out on messages from your loved one. By seeking a medium though, they can help you get your messages.

  • Communicating One More Time

Some people only need to be able to tell their loved one something that they didn’t get to say before they passed. This can be very emotional. When you speak to a medium, be prepared to cry and be ready for this. When you want to share your message, make sure that you know what you want to say and that you share all the important things while you are with your medium. Your medium can help to open up this communication.

  • Advice

A medium can give you advice when you want to reach your loved one that has passed on. They are there to help you to see things from a different perspective and they are there to give you insight that your loved one wants to share with you. Since the spiritual world can be part of the physical world, the medium can help you to communicate with them at a different level.

What Can Happen in a Reading?

Here are some things that can happen during a reading:

  • Strong Emotions

Your medium will be there to help you to connect with your loved one. Mediums are empaths and they are able to feel the emotions. Your loved one will be able to reach out to them, but it is important that you wait for three months before you try and do this.

  • They Might Not Show Up

Chances are that your loved one might not show up when the medium calls on them. Spirits will do whatever they want to do and don’t get discouraged if this happens. Be open minded and keep your heart open to the reading.

  • Death Doesn’t Change Them

Your loved one won’t turn into an angel just because they die. They will have the same energies that they had before they die. They will have the same personalities.

  • Don’t Substitute Counseling

If you are really sad, talk to a counselor. Talking to a medium doesn’t replace talking to a counselor when you are grieving. Grieving can be hard and if you need to talk to someone then don’t fail to do this.

Final Thoughts

Talking to a medium can help you to connect to your loved one that has passed on. Doing this can bring you peace and can help you to move on in your life without fear or doubt.


  1. The article outlines some potential benefits of consulting a medium, but it’s essential to approach this with a critical mind and not substitute it for professional mental health services.

  2. The concept of using a medium to communicate with a deceased loved one is intriguing, though I’m curious about the empirical evidence supporting the efficacy of such practices.

    • While empirical evidence might be scarce, anecdotal accounts often highlight significant emotional relief, which in itself can be valuable.

    • Indeed, empirical evidence is limited in this field. It’s often more about personal belief and the comfort it brings to individuals.

  3. The article provides an interesting perspective on the role of mediums in the grieving process. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that each person’s journey through grief is unique, and mediums may not be the right choice for everyone.

  4. It’s noteworthy that the article mentions the importance of seeking professional counseling if needed. The role of a medium can be complementary but not a replacement for therapeutic support.

  5. The emotional aspects of a reading, as described in the article, are compelling. It’s essential, however, to manage expectations, especially with the possibility that the spirit might not appear.

    • Absolutely, managing expectations is key. Individuals should prepare themselves for any outcome to avoid additional emotional distress.

    • That’s a valid point. The uncertainty must be respected, and individuals should remain open-minded throughout the process.


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