When a Dead Loved One Reaches Out

When a Dead Loved One Reaches Out

Losing someone that you love can be devastating and it can break your heart. When they go to the other side though, they can still communicate with you and reach out to you. If you have lost someone and you are milling around your house and you feel something strange, chances are that your loved one is trying to reach out to you.

They might even come to you in a dream or come to you in a vision. When this happens, they try to show you something or tell you something. Sometimes they just want you to know that they love you and care about you and that they are okay. Here are some things that can show you that your loved one is trying to reach out to you.

  • Things Are In Different Spots

You might notice that things are moved, and you didn’t move them. Things might just be out of place that you haven’t even moved in a lot of years. This might be an item that reminds you of your dead loved one. This could mean they are trying to get your attention.

  • Smelling Them

Another sign that they want to communicate with you is that you smell them. It might be their cigar smoke or their perfume that they used to wear. Whatever scent it is, it draws you in because it reminds you of them.

  • Their Song

Chances are you are sitting around thinking about your dead loved one and then their song might come on your phone or on the television. You are thinking of them, and they want you to remember that they love you by showing you, their song.

  • Their Favorite Thing Appears

Maybe you see out of nowhere their favorite bird or their favorite flower growing in your yard. This might be a butterfly or a special animal.

  • Hearing Them

Another sign that your loved one is trying to reach out to you is that you actually hear them talking to you. They might say your name, or they might say something that reminds you of them. This can be a sign that they are there for you.

  • Dreaming

Dreaming is something that happens to us when our mind is rested. This is the best time that a spirit can get ahold of you. If you dream of your deceased loved one, this could be because they want to give you a message. You might even get a message from them talking to you.

  • Someone is Watching You

This might sound and feel creepy but when you feel that you’re being watched, chances are that your loved one is there to give you their presence and to let you know that they are near you.


  1. The phenomena described in the article align closely with common cultural and spiritual beliefs about life after death. It’s worth exploring how different cultures interpret such signs and their significance.

  2. Interesting article. It raises questions about the intersection of subjective experiences and objective reality. How do we distinguish between wishful thinking and genuine spiritual encounters?

    • A valid point. It might not be entirely possible to distinguish, but the emotional response and comfort derived can be an important aspect of the grieving process.

  3. Dreams and sensory experiences can be powerful ways for our subconscious to process grief. Whether one interprets these as actual spiritual contacts or as psychological phenomena, they offer comfort and a means to heal.

  4. The concept of communication with deceased loved ones is both fascinating and comforting to many individuals. The idea that they can leave subtle signs of their presence can provide emotional solace during grieving.

  5. While some may view these experiences as mere coincidences, others find deep meaning in them. Regardless of belief, the notion serves as an intriguing aspect of human psychology and emotional coping mechanisms.


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