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When A Medium Says Someone is Going to Die

When A Medium Says Someone is Going to Die

Do you ever just have a strong feeling about something and then later you find out that you were right? This could even be that you know when someone that you love is dying or going to die. Maybe you are sitting in the kitchen and your phone rings and you know that it is going to be something bad before you even answer it.

You might want to call this a coincidence, but many psychics believe that people can sense when someone that they love is going to die.

This can happen because some people are able to reach their higher self and this means that they are able to receive messages from the universe. This can be a sign that you can tell that change is going to happen.

People are not always psychics, but they are sensitive to the universe and they are able to communicate with nature and things around them. Maybe you even have had a dream that your loved one passed away right before they die and that you were able to tell them goodbye in your dream.

Your Own Death

Other people have been able to know when they are going to die. They reach their higher self and sometimes when it is time for them to pass on to death, they are able to know that they are going to leave the earth.

They are aware in their conscious mind that their time has come and that they are transitioning in life.

People sometimes die without knowing that they are going to die but sometimes when you look back on their life, you see that they have done things as if they are having closure. They seem to know that something is happening but not realize that it is death.

They will do things to make sure their life is in order and sometimes even say goodbye to people. They leave people wondering if the person really knew that they were dying or if it was a coincidence.


People can sometimes feel when they or someone that they know is going to die. If you have signs or strong intuition and you are able to reach your higher self, you can find that you will be able to tell when someone is passing on or is ready to move on to a new life.

This can be a way of the universe giving you peace and allowing you to have comfort in knowing that your loved on is moving on in their next life in peace and in love.

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