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Finding Love

When Past Loves Stop You from Finding Love?

Do you always have your ex on your mind and no matter what you are doing they seem to always come to your mind? Do you go out and have fun, but your ex is still on your mind?

Do you have your ex still hanging around you and you keep thinking about the people that you used to date and so you seem to be stuck in your life to be single forever?

The truth is that when you are thinking about other people then chances are that you are making it like you are not available and that is the problems.

Other people can sense that you have a wall up and they can feel that you are not about finding someone else because of your closed off thoughts or your thoughts of your ex. This makes your emotions unavailable because you are constantly thinking about what you can do to get your ex back.

If you want to meet someone new, you have to try these things in order to get over your ex and move on.

Get Rid of It!

The first thing that you need to do to meet someone new is to get rid of all of the things that you had from your other relationships.

Find things in your clothes drawer, in your closet, on your phone or even on your walls and get rid of it all. Some things to remember to get rid of include:

  • Gifts they gave you.
  • Pictures.
  • Phone numbers.
  • Movies you watched together.
  • Knick knacks.
  • Clothing.
  • Etc.

You do not need to keep acting like you are stuck on that person anymore and whatever comes up in your life that you remember about them, get rid of it. This is a time that you can clean your house and you can start new.

If you have a hard time getting rid of your stuff, have a friend come and help you get rid of your past things. Even if you feel upset, do it anyways to start new and find new love.

They Still Want to Be with You

Chances are that if your ex is coming around to see you then they might be the reason that you cannot find someone new in your life. You might need to set new boundaries and make it where your ex doesn’t just come around when they want to.

Remember that you ended the relationship for a reason and if they are constantly contacting you or showing up or even telling you that they love you then you need to set stricter boundaries.

If you were the one that was dumped, find out why they are doing that and then step back and let someone else come along and love you.

Don’t Compare

Stop comparing your ex to new people that you meet, or you will never find someone that will satisfy you. This is a dangerous thing to do when you want to meet someone. Be open minded about new people and let them show you their good qualities.

Let them see who the real you is and give them a chance and you might find that they are someone that you could really like or even love. Your ex wasn’t the right person for you and so you wouldn’t want to find someone exactly like them.

The more that you work into getting rid of old loves out of your life, the better chances that you will have to find new love. Get past this old love and move forward to relationships that are strong and healthy for you.

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