When the Veil is Thin

When the Veil is Thin

The barrier between the spiritual world and the physical world is called a veil. When certain pagan holidays come up like Halloween, the veil gets thinner allowing the spirits to be able to come through the door.

The idea of the veil isn’t just practiced in paganism but was something that is believed in by Greek mythology, the Celts, and other people. They believe this is a doorway that comes open during these holidays and can be accessed by spirits.

As Samhain happens, people would wear masks in order to go amongst the spirits and if the veil became thin and the spirits roamed the land then they wouldn’t be haunted by them.

The thinning still is thought to happen today, and this can make those that are spiritual or have spiritual gifts to feel more sensitive to the spirits. When the veil is thin those that have the gift of mediumship might get more messages and this will depend on how open they are to their spiritual gifts.

Connecting with Spirits

You can communicate and connect with the spirits around you during this time more than other times and here are some tips to be able to do that!

  • Candle Magic

Candles are one way that you can interact better with the spiritual world. Candles that are lit often can evoke spirits to come to you. If you create an altar and you light candles you can get closer to the spirits.

  • Speaking Out Loud

Talk to your ancestors and do this by calling them by name. As you call on them and they get closer to you then it might feel strange at first but as you keep doing it, it will get easier. You might have a memory that you share with the spirit, and you might be surprised at what you share with them. The spirit guides are powerful and can connect with you if you’re open to it.

  • Go to the Grave

This doesn’t mean to die but you should go out and visit a graveyard. This is a place that you can connect with spirits and even loved ones that are there that have passed on. When the veil is thinner, you can work better with spirits and one of the best ways is to visit a graveyard.

Tools of Divination

There are numerous tools that you can use to help you reach the spiritual world and some of the tools are easy to use like a pendulum while others might be harder to learn such as tarot cards. Other tools are crystals and oracle cards, and these are ways that you can connect with the universe and the spiritual world.

Things like Ouija boards shouldn’t be used because these can bring in spirits that are scary.

  • Listen

When the veil is thinner, you can get signs that the spirits are close to you. These can be messages that come to you, symbols, signs, patterns and even conversations. You might even hear a spirit speaking to you and if the guides are talking to you then they want to give you a message.

Protection During a Thinning Veil

There are ways that you can protect yourself and guard yourself form the spirits that can come to and from during this time if you want to have less communication with them.

  • Meditating

Meditating is a way that you can protect yourself from psychic and spiritual energies. If you feel that there is too much energy around the thinning veil, you can meditate and put protection around yourself. This is a positive way that you can stay protected from the thinning veil.

  • Cleansing

You can cleanse your home from negative energy and from spirits coming into your home. Remember, you can tell the spirits that you have boundaries, and this can allow there to be peace and allow you to have help in keeping the spirits at bay.

Cleansing your home with smudging and burning herbs such as palo santo or sage can help you to keep your home cleansed. You can also use saltwater if you’re sensitive to smoke.

Final Thoughts

A thinning veil can be a lot for some people especially those that have the clair gifts. If you are someone that needs to distance yourself from the spirits, make sure that you are protected and grounded during the times when the veil is at its thinnest.


  1. Visiting graveyards as a way to connect with spirits is quite an unconventional approach. It would be interesting to know how many people find this practice truly effective and comforting.

  2. The idea that the veil thinning makes spiritually gifted individuals more sensitive is thought-provoking. It could explain why some people experience heightened spiritual activities during certain times.

    • Indeed, it makes sense that those with clairvoyant abilities would feel more connected and receive more messages when the veil is thinner.

    • This sensitivity might also make it necessary for such individuals to practice stronger protective measures, as the article suggests.

  3. The article’s advice on using divination tools like tarot cards and crystals is practical. However, the caution against Ouija boards highlights the need for mindful interaction with the spiritual realm.

  4. The rituals and practices mentioned for connecting with spirits are diverse. It’s interesting how different tools and methods are recommended for interaction and protection.

    • I agree, particularly the use of candles and speaking to ancestors by name. These practices are deeply rooted in various traditions and seem to provide a tangible way to connect with the spiritual world.

    • The emphasis on protection, like meditating and cleansing, is crucial. Interacting with the spiritual world can be overwhelming, so it’s essential to have these safety measures.

  5. The concept of the veil thinning across various cultures is fascinating. It offers an intriguing explanation for why certain times of the year feel more spiritually charged.


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