When Your Dead Pet Wants to Talk

When Your Dead Pet Wants to Talk

A pet is often man’s “best friend,” and losing a pet is sometimes the hardest thing to deal with. The great news is that a pet might come back to give you signs to let you know that they are still there and that they love you.

A pet that has died and comes to you in a dream can mean that they are trying to talk to you and communicate with you. They want you to know that they love you and that they are giving you good vibes. Some other signs can be that you smell them or that you feel that they are close.

No matter how you lose your pet, it can cause you to feel grief and sadness. This can be hard for you, and it might be hard for you to cope without your beloved pet. Sometimes a pet will come to you to let you know that they are okay, and they want you to have comfort.

Signs Your Pet is Trying to Communicate

There are many signs that your pet might be trying to communicate with you:


One of the most common ways that a pet might try to communicate with you is in dreams. When a pet has died, they can come to you in your dreams to visit you. There are different interpretations on what these dreams might be but hopefully they bring you comfort.

When you go into REM sleep, it allows your mind to be open to the spirit world and allows you to get messages from your animals.

You See Them

Maybe you see your pet out of the corner of your eye or you see signs that they have been around. This is a way that your pet might be trying to communicate with you. This is the energy from the pet, and they want you to know that they are around you.

This happens usually with people that have clairvoyant gifts, and they can see energies in the form of things.

You Hear Them

Another sign that your pet is trying to communicate with you is that you might hear them. Some people can hear their pets walking on the floor or their bells clinging. They might even hear scratching or animal sounds coming from a different room.

You Smell Them

Scents are very strong to the human persona and if you have a pet that has died and you smell them, they might be visiting you.

Pet scents are associated with memories that you have of your pet, and it can be your pets fir, their littler box, bedding, food or even their breath. People that have clair gifts are often sensitive to smells and can smell their pet after they have died.

You Feel Them

This might be a physical feeling or a sense that your pet is around. If your pet has died and you feel that their presence is there, it probably is.

A pet that has died might be felt jumping in your lap or snuggling with you. Remember that they want you to know that you are loved.

Other Pets or Animals

Another sign that your animal is near in the spirit is that other animals might come to give you comfort. If you feel that an animal acts or looks just like your animal, chances are that it is the spirit of your dead pet. There are some times when an animal will just appear at your door.

Pets in the After World

Death is not the end of a life, and many humans are reborn as human, some say. If you are waiting to find your pet in the next life, you might be able to find them through reincarnation.

Finding a Pet Psychic

If you are wanting to communicate with your dead animal, you can talk to a pet psychic. They can help you to reach your animal and they can embrace their energy for you. This can come to them in the form of feelings, thoughts, or more. They can give you a message from your pet and this can help you to feel comforted and loved.