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Why Does A Poltergeist Exist?

      A Poltergeist or a bad ghost as translated from German is a term used for spiritual being that usually appears to attach themselves to a particular person. In most cases, the person will be either a child or adolescent who is entering or going through puberty but there isn’t a hard fast rule to this. The jury is still out on this with a lot of people, as to if in some cases it can be just a child looking for attention who is causing havoc in the home or maybe an adult with a very deep emotional burden.

In many cases people have been flung across rooms, things have materialised out of nowhere. These things appear to finish as quickly as they start with the child or teenager moving out of the emotional situation which seemed to trigger the attack. Very rarely these events are to do with a location, so they seem to be somehow triggered by emotional energy of the effected person. It has in some circles stirred the question of just how strong our subconscious is. Here are some things to be considered:

If this is the child’s or teenager’s subconscious, then it opens the possibility of telekinesis, which is an ability to move things with your mind. Do we have this ability somewhere deep in our subconscious? Our mind is still a mystery. We may have travelled to space, but we have yet to discover the true powers of the human mind as we only use a small percentage of it. Could it be that a frustrated person, who can’t express themselves in the normal verbal or physical way, will somehow tap into an unknown resource which unleashes havoc around them? We all know that supressed frustration can emerge in the worst ways possible as in illness. The mind controls the body and will show its displeasure through illness if there is no other way to express it.

Another and more widely held view among spiritualists is that it is a rough spirit. Not necessarily the soul of a dead loved one or a person, but an entity from another realm who has never lived on this side. This entity has deviant intent and having never lived on this side, have little respect for anyone and no concern about causing harm to anyone. They thrive on the weakness of the person they are attached too using their confused and open energy like nutrition to thrive on. This is why it is thought that they only seek out teenagers who are entering puberty or children who have minds open to accepting that anything is possible. It would appear accepting them it like plugging in the power line.

The difference between a poltergeist and a normal haunting is that because the entity is attached to a person and their energy, moving location is not an option. The entity will simply follow. The main way is to address the emotional state of the person it is attached too. If you help them to understand that the emotional turmoil they are experiencing is a part of life, normal and temporary. Once they start to readjust and their emotional energy returns to a normal level, the entity will have nothing to feed of and therefore be consigned to return to where ever it came from.

There are no hard fast rules with this kind of thing. Each cast needs to be taken on its own merit. Should you be experiencing anything of this sort, you should contact your local spiritual church to investigate and make an assessment. Do not try to make contact with the entity alone under any circumstances. Leave it to someone who is experienced in this field.

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