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Is It High Time To Contact Your Deceased Loved Ones?

   One of our clients, Angela came to our reading with the desire to reach out to her recently deceased mother. Her mother had gone into a coma after a stroke and Angela had sat with her in those final days making amends over some past hurts but her mom never …

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A Paranormal Psychic

    As we are living in the modern times, the words "psychic" and "the paranormal" would stirs up all kinds of scary imaginings like ghosts, levitating chairs, things that go bump in the night, etc. However,  from a psychic's perspective, it’s actually not the least bit unsettling to place the two terms side-by-side. …

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Why Does A Poltergeist Exist?

      A Poltergeist or a bad ghost as translated from German is a term used for spiritual being that usually appears to attach themselves to a particular person. In most cases, the person will be either a child or adolescent who is entering or going through puberty but there …

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Let’s The Ghosts Be Gone From Home

       Have you ever felt like you’re never truly home alone? Did you ever feel that someone is watching you inside your room? Well,  you may be sharing your home with spirits. Whether they’re compassionate or unscrupulous spirits, you can take steps to set them free. Try these methods …

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Love Beyond Death

      “The love of a half dead heart will keep you half alive”  We all must pass away sometime—but when we lose someone we love, the pain and sadness we experience are very difficult to bear.... It seems like we are just living for the sake of living but …

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Reaching Out To Your Angels And Spirit Guides

     One of the most asked questions when it comes to psychics and medium is how to connect with angels and spirit guides. Our guides and angels are always sending us messages and signs that they are with us, supporting and protecting us in our daily lives. It is really up to us …

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Meeting Your Past Life Partner

    You meet someone and had an instant connection... ever wonder why it happened?  You feel something deep within your soul. Now,  this “love at first sight” might be something more than a simple attraction. You know you never met before, but there is mutual recognition pulling your spirits and …

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Have You Ever Lived In The Past?

            Do you believe in reincarnation? Past lives have been a mystery for hundreds of years and a lot people have created their own theories for why we might have lived them and what purpose they serve. Many people describe past lives as lessons and …

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Reaching Out To Your Guardian Angel

 Many of us hopelessly praying to have a guardian angel watching over us while others walk through life without a care in the world about whether they have one or not. Everyone is different and everyone has their own unique beliefs about the afterlife, whether they believe it exists or …

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